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Chapter 159 - A day trip to the ancient town

  Xiyan Ancient Town is located in Mo County, west of Pingchuan. Built in the Northern Song Dynasty, it has a history of a thousand years, and is one of the oldest ancient towns in Pingchuan. When Li Dong's group arrived, it was already more than eleven o'clock. As soon as they got off the bus, the crowd's eyes were attracted by the beautiful scenery in front of them. Which is reflected in the ancient town, is clearly a pair of colorful landscape paintings, to and fro pedestrians dotted with them, adding a few vitality to this landscape painting. Xiyan ancient town is surrounded by water on three sides, the sunlight refraction, the river golden piece. "It's beautiful!" The usually big-hearted Qi Fangfang couldn't help but exclaim a word of praise at this moment. The others echoed, even Li Dong was somewhat immersed in it, except for Meng Qiping, who grumbled in a foul tone: "What's beautiful, it's just a few old houses." The next moment a few murderous eyes were cast at Meng Qiping, Cheng Nan hated his teeth, this guy can not not be embarrassed! Li Dong also sobered up at this moment and inquired, "Is it dinner first, or strolling first?" "Dinner!" "Shopping!" Those who said eating were Meng Qiping and Zhang Mengmeng, while those who said shopping were several others. Soon the shopping party won over the eating party, Zhang Mengmeng was ironically suppressed by Qi Fangfang, while Meng Qiping sucked in cool air and bitterly begged Cheng Nan to let go. No one to help him plead for mercy, not to die, this guy has been making his own death, Li Dong are too lazy to care about him. Crossing the arch bridge outside the town, several people officially entered the ancient town of Xiyan. Now is the peak season of tourism, more than 700 meters of the stone streets are crowded with tourists. Li Dong and his party of eight people, all staying together is difficult to play to the fullest. Finally the crowd decided to group, originally Li Dong was prepared to him and Qin Yuhan group, Meng Qiping two groups, Zhou Haidong is to protect Qi Fangfang a few people. But the result became, they three men a group, five girls another group. Li Dong and Meng Qiping look at each other, three big men still play a hairline play ah! Come on, Li Dong also not grouped, let a few girls walk in front, the three of them followed behind. A walk around, the crowd also bought a lot of gadgets each. Li Dong and Meng Qiping body soon hung all kinds of small toys and snacks, even Zhou Haidong did not escape. A few women in front of the playful, Li Dong also do not bother to care, asked Zhou Haidong: "Wang Cheng they are settled, right?" Wang Cheng is the scout who said yesterday that he had carried out hundreds of missions, and this time they almost all came to Pingchuan alone. In order to leave them behind, Li Dong specially asked Zhou Haidong to rent a few houses for a few people, just so they could bring their families along. Zhou Haidong nodded and said softly, "They are already on duty." Because Meng Qiping was beside him, Zhou Haidong spoke somewhat implicitly, but Li Dong understood what he meant. Although Meng Qiping next to him could not understand what the two said, he did not make a sound to ask. Li Dong didn't leave him out and asked, "Fatty, aren't you doing a summer job? What kind of work do you do?" "A small packaging company, specializing in paper boxes, I help to do some odd jobs." Meng Qiping briefly introduced, and said, "Old iron and rat also with me to do, this work or Bai Su help to find." Speaking of Li Tie Bai Su these people, Li Dong suddenly feel a little strange and distant. Obviously not long after leaving the campus, but Li Dong feels that he has been away for a long, long time. Those people, those things, as if in the memory of fading away. Li Dong is a little distracted, he has gained a lot in this life, but also lost a lot. The reason why he wanted to go to college in the first place, on the one hand, to reassure his parents, on the other hand, he wanted to relive the warm days of his college days in his previous life.