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Chapter 160: Betting on the car

  Seeing everyone looking at themselves, Li Dong said in annoyance: "There must be a problem with the bamboo ring, I'll find the boss to change a few, we will fight again later!" After saying that Li Dong also did not look at everyone's contemptuous eyes, hurriedly dragged the boss to the side. A little farther away from the crowd, Li Dong Dong: "Give me ten non-playing circles!" The boss laughed dryly: "Brother, don't joke, there are no non-playing bamboo circles." Li Dong did not retort, and said directly, "Twenty!" "Brother, there really is none!" "Fifty!" "That ……" "One hundred!" "I ……" "OK, I don't want it, anyway, it's not like you're the only one who sets the ring." Li Dong said turned around to go. The boss hurriedly pulled him, snapped: "Brother, do not rush ah." He picked a few darker colored bamboo rings from his hand and handed them to Li Dong: "The elasticity is definitely still there, but it's better than the ones just now." Li Dong grunted, avoiding the gaze of the crowd and handed over a hundred. The boss took the money, his face was almost smiling, a hundred dollars, even if Li Dong ten shots ten hits, this time he also earned. …… Li Dong returned with his secret weapon and said with an arrogant face, "Just now there is a problem with the bamboo ring, now I change it, who wants to compare with me?" The crowd looked at him with suspicious eyes, Qi Fangfang even struck: "I remember that before you seem to be so confident, but the results do not seem to be very rosy." "Cut the crap, just ask if you dare?" Qi Fangfang was just about to answer the battle when someone next to her laughed: "Mr. Li is so interested, why don't we have some fun?" Li Dong's face changed when he heard the voice, the previous joking and scolding all converged. Turned his head to look, not Zhang Qing who else can there be. Li Dong's eyes narrowed, is it by chance to meet? Or that Zhang Qing followed himself? The afterglow glanced at Zhou Haidong, Zhou Haidong is on the phone, see Li Dong look over, covertly made a few hand gestures, and then nodded slightly. Li Dong, it seems that this guy Zhang Qing really followed himself to come together. Not taking Zhang Qing's words, Li Dong smiled lightly and said, "How come Mr. Zhang is interested in coming here today?" Zhang Qing walked over and said with a light smile, "Today is a beautiful day, I have nothing else to do, I didn't expect to run into Mr. Li, it seems we have a destiny." "Heh!" Li Dong laughed and didn't say anything, but in his heart he was extremely annoyed. I knew this guy was no good, but I never thought he would be so shameless as to follow me! Well, thinking of this Li Dong suddenly thought he also sent people to track him, everyone big brother does not say the second brother. To Li Dong's attitude Zhang Qing is not surprised, looked at the others and said, "These are friends of Mr. Li?" "Yes, Mr. Niu did not accompany Mr. Zhang today?" Li Dong said indifferently. "Mr. Li, don't call me grandson, it makes me feel awkward, if you're polite, call me brother Zhang, if you're casual, call me Zhang Qing, it doesn't matter." Zhang Qing finished and said, "Mangzi is not here today, Mr. Li, why don't we find a place to sit?" Li Dong shrugged and refused: "Sorry, I have to accompany my friends, some other time." Zhang Qing's face changed slightly, but still smiled: "Mr. Li, why do you have to reject people from a thousand miles away, we are all in Pingchuan to make a living, more friends, more roads." Li Dong's eyes narrowed, threatening himself? The last time was the same, this time also to this set, really take themselves as a soft persimmon, must eat a mouthful of meat to be willing, right. Li Dong did not open his mouth, Qin Yuhan said softly: "Li Dong, this is?"