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Chapter 161 Don't forget to pass

  After saying the colorful head, Li Dong asked again, "How to compare?" "Simple! One person ten circles, stand outside the white line, whoever sets more, wins!" Zhang Qing said with a confident face. Li Dong nodded and didn't make a sound, Zhang Qing smiled and went to the stall owner to ask for bamboo rings. The owner of the stall did not dare not to give, let alone ask for money. He just heard, the man in front of him is the mayor's son, not he can afford to mess with. …… "Li Dong, that guy is really the mayor's son?" "Li Dong, just shouldn't have agreed." "Brother Dong, your car more than a million, you did not ask him what car and then agreed." "Yes, what if he loses and reneges? At least sign a contract to do so." "……" As soon as Zhang Qing left, the crowd gathered around Li Dong and talked about it. Li Dong waved his hand to indicate the crowd quiet, said in a deep voice: "I have a measure of this, you do not care." Hearing Li Dong say so, several people are not good to say anything else, after all, they do not understand the inside story, they can not provide Li Dong with any help. Since Li Dong can make the business so big, Qi Fangfang and the girls believe that Li Dong is not a person who is impulsive. Only Qin Yuhan still has some worries in her eyes, and finally even whispered: "Li Dong, it's really not possible to endure." Li Dong frowned, thought she would say later: "Endure a moment of peace and quiet, a step back and the sea is wide!" But Qin Yuhan gritted her teeth and said, "It's never too late for a gentleman to take revenge, there will always be a day to get back!" Li Dong dumbfounded smile, this is Qin Yuhan! All along Qin Yuhan gentle as water, he almost forgot that the other party is actually a little witch. If not for such a character, junior high school Qin Yuhan will not choose to retaliate against Li Dong, and finally let Li Dong carry the nickname "bald bird" for several years. Thinking of this Li Dong gently shook her hand and laughed in a low voice: "You still don't know me, I'll do what's wrong?" Qin Yuhan heard a sigh of relief and took Li Dong's hand and said nothing more. …… Zhang Qing soon came over. After glancing at Li Dong, he smiled, "Mr. Li first, or me first?" "Whatever." Li Dong indifferent said. This thing does not exist what the latter, luck is the main, technology is supplementary, of course, Li Dong took the back door does not count. Zhang Qing rolled up his shirt sleeves and laughed lightly, "Then I'll go first, just to try my hand." Li Dong knew he would come first, this kind of person is the first in everything, not willing to be subordinate, see his style of action will know. Li Dong also did not say anything, standing aside with his arms and waiting to see the show. Although looking at Zhang Qing displeased, but Li Dong had to admit that this guy is very strict in his work. Even if it is just a set of circles, Zhang Qing is not up on the dry, but measured the distance with his feet, and then tried the wind direction, and finally selected the target. Selected the target, Zhang Qing then shot. The bamboo circle flew in mid-air and landed quickly. Li Dong did not have time to blink, and the bamboo circle had already collided with the target selected by Zhang Qing and rolled to the side after bouncing on the ground for a few turns. "Missed!" Several girls exclaimed, and then laughed. Qi Fangfang even sneered, "I thought you were so capable, measuring the wind direction and distance, but you still didn't hit it." Other people are afraid of Zhang Qing's background, she is not afraid, anyway, she is not in Pingchuan mix, to the capital, Zhang Qing a local grandson count for anything. Zhang Qing laughed and did not make a sound, his face remained relaxed, as if he did not care at all. Qi Fangfang wanted to say more, Li Dong fiercely glared at her. Why does he now feel like the antagonist in the novel? Qi Fangfang is the passerby, passerby mocking, and then being hit in the face, could it be that he will also be hit in the face later, slapping the rhythm? Li Dong shuddered, what nonsense thinking. The first thing you need to do is to get a pig's foot. "Mr. Li, it's your turn." Li Dong was still thinking nonsense when Zhang Qing spoke out to remind. "Mr. Zhang better get it done at once, there is no point in taking turns to take turns to go." "Just what I want, then I'll be polite." Zhang Qing laughed. Although the first time did not succeed, but Zhang Qing is to find the feel of the hand. The ringing business, Li Dong had to admit that Zhang Qing still has some talent. In the future, if his old man collapses, Zhang Qing can make a fortune by lassoing. Just for the second time, Zhang Qing struck a blow, directly hitting the target he had chosen. Next, Zhang Qing re-selected the target and re-measured the distance, and by the end of the tenth time, Zhang Qing had actually hit five. This time Qi Fangfang several people are all dumbfounded, five out of ten, this is not a novel, and there is no martial arts master.