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Chapter 162 - Li Dong also wants land

  After lunch has been more than two o'clock in the afternoon. In the afternoon, Li Dong accompanied the crowd to see the bamboo sea, the ancient town ancestral hall, the thousand-year-old mansion …… and so from the tower garden out, the time has come to more than six o'clock. Qi Fangfang was still excited to go on a cruise, Li Dong said: "Take a cruise or forget it, it's almost dark, we have to go back for more than two hours." Qi Fangfang was a bit reluctant and said, "Why don't we stay here for one night?" Li Dong does not want to live outside, not to mention the fact that the room was not booked at all, and now the tourist season is not necessarily booked. Zhou Yue and Qin Yuhan placated two sentences, finally dispelled Qi Fangfang's thoughts. From the town out, across the arch bridge, Meng Qiping suddenly said: "Dong, just looking for that guy to get the keys, do you know where his car is parked?" Meng Qiping said so, we all can not help but rise interest. In the afternoon, we were so busy playing that we still don't know what kind of car that guy has. Li Dong is not afraid to find the car, casually pressed the key, an Audi on the periphery of the parking lot rang. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public. Li Dong took a look at it and lost interest, throwing the car keys to Zhou Haidao: "Turn around and find someone to drive it back." This time they came out with two cars, eight people have a driver's license among the Li Dong and Zhou Haidong, the car can only be thrown here now. Meng Qiping some hands itch: "Brother Dong, or I help you drive back?" Li Dong glanced at him, this guy thinks of death all day long, and has not given up yet? No need for Li Dong to speak, Cheng Nan fiercely pinched his fat said: "You want to die, go yourself, do not spoil the car!" Meng Qiping screamed loudly in pain, and easily got rid of Cheng Nan's nine yin white bone claws, and then jumped to the side and shouted, "Murder your own husband ah, if I die you will become a widow!" Cheng Nan was furious, once again chased and killed the past. The crowd did not care about the two of them, waiting for the car, Meng Qiping hanging his head in despair. As a result, this guy was unwilling to share the car with Cheng Nan, and had to sit in Li Dong's passenger side. Li Dong can not stand him, plus the time is also not early, finally had to let Qin Yu Han accompanied Cheng Nan together with Zhou Haidong's car. Back to Pingchuan almost nine o'clock, the evening we casually ate a little, tired of the day's crowd this just scattered. …… the next two days, Qin Yuhan accompanied Qi Fangfang to continue to play around with them. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public. According to the public prospectus, Baidu plans to issue $80 million worth of Class A common stock through an initial public offering. Although Li Dong knew this day would come sooner or later, he could not help but be excited. Baidu's listing had officially entered the process, and his day to make a big profit was not far off. On the same day, Zhang Qing had the transfer of the vehicle sent to him. Without asking for any of Li Dong's documents, the car came under Li Dong's name, which shows that the privileged class exists all the time. Still on the same day, several convenience stores and community stores under construction outside the Yaohai District in the Far East were met with no small amount of trouble.