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Chapter 163 Vice President Candidates

  Headhunting company to Li Dong recommended a total of three vice president candidates. The first two are quite reliable, are old people in the industry, have many years of experience in the management of large stores. Experienced, sufficient experience, although Li Dong feel a little older, but still barely agree. But when Li Dong saw the third resume, is a direct outbreak! If not this headhunting company and Li Dong had many times cooperation, Li Dong really want to greet his 18 generations of ancestors! Shen Xi, female, 28 years old, without any work experience! The only bright spot is probably Shen Xi's education, graduated from Beijing University, master's degree from Northwestern University Kellogg School of Business. I have just recently returned to China, and now I am in the pending job. Such a young woman without any work experience, the headhunter actually recommended her to interview the vice president of the far side? This is also too not to take the beanbag not dry food! Education is very important, but it does not mean everything. A fresh graduate, what qualifications does she have to be the vice president of a company with over 100 million in assets? Li Dong did not even want to directly give Shen Xi fork, this high IQ talent or leave it to others. …… catch up with the early morning, Li Dong quickly and the two selected candidates for an interview. The location of the interview is in the far side, in addition to Li Dong, personnel director Song Jie and assistant to the president Liu Qi to observe. Li Dong attached great importance to the vice president candidate this time, and talked with the two for more than an hour. During this period, Li Dong asked a lot of questions and answered a lot of questions. The deeper the conversation went on, the more Li Dong frowned. When the two people left, Li Dong's face was not very good. Liu Qi cautiously said, "Mr. Li!" Li Dong's gloomy face, humming: "All the far side as a place to retire, think beautiful! I want to be able to officers, older is okay, but you just heard, in addition to some of the same old stuff, just what are those two concerned about?" "Salary treatment, retirement treatment, with car problems ……" Li Dong said the more is the fire, the last is to urge Liu Qi: "that headhunting company later pull into the blacklist, recommended what the thing! " Liu Qi nodded to show understanding, is talking, Liu Qi's deputy knocked on the door, told Li Dong outside someone looking for him. When Li Dong asked about the identity of the other party, completely speechless. Shen Xi, the candidate he had already crossed out, actually came looking for him himself! Not through the headhunter, the other party actually directly door to door to find Li Dong, this point completely out of Li Dong's expectations. After a moment of contemplation, Li Dong finally decided to meet her. Not for other reasons, because the other party has the courage to find him, Li Dong is willing to give the other party a chance to perform. Of course, only a chance. …… Li Dong had seen Shen Xi's photo on his resume, but when Shen Xi entered, Li Dong was still stunned for a moment. Compared with the photo, it is a world of difference. The photo of Shen Xi short hair, wearing glasses, looks ordinary. But the real Shen Xi is a long blonde hair, fair skin, not wearing glasses, eyes look big and bright, if I have to describe it, I can only say that it is a flash of wisdom and shrewd light. Li Dong first look at Shen Xi, the thought is not how beautiful she is, but how much money she spent on plastic surgery? The second thought that rose was the desire to ask her if she was wearing eye pupils? These thoughts were fleeting, and Li Dong quickly returned to his senses and said, "Please sit down!" Shen Xi was not polite, very confidently sat down opposite Li Dong. Li Dong was sizing her up, and she was sizing up Li Dong.