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Chapter 164: Paper Talk

  From vice president to researcher, it can be a world of difference. But in the end, Shen Xi still agreed, without the slightest reluctance. According to her words, as long as she is given time, vice president is a matter of time. Li Dong is the first time to encounter such a confident employee, confident even Li Dong is thinking about whether to let each other go directly. But finally Li Dong still did not change the decision, since she is so confident, then they will give her the opportunity, the final decision is still in their hands, Shen Xi if not that ability to be confident again is useless. …… just three days, Li Dong saw Shen Xi again. At the same time, there is a ten-page research report, which makes Li Dong doubt that this report is not Shen Xi randomly found on the Internet. Because only three days, Shen Xi is afraid that even the workflow is not clear, Li Dong does not think her research report has any value. Casually flipped open a page and read it, then Li Dong threw the research report to the side. Looking at Shen Xi who was frowning, Li Dong said lightly: "Miss Shen, I can see your efforts, but I still suggest you adapt to the domestic environment first. Also, I would like to ask, how much do you know about Far Far Away Supermarket now?" Shen Xi did not answer his words, but stubbornly said, "Mr. Li, this is the result of my staying up all night for several days, won't you take a look at it?" Li Dong frowned and said, "There is no need to look at it anymore, to put it politely, what you said is all on paper!" Seeing Shen Xi's face unconvinced, Li Dong kindly smiled, knew this was the result. These proud sons of heaven think they can point out the mountains after learning something in school, but they do not know that society is the best school. Only when they hit their heads, they know that society is not as simple as school. Li Dong also did not bother to say more, there are some things, not personally experienced, they will not understand, and will not be convinced. Shen Xi, however, refused to leave, biting her lip: "Mr. Li, you just took a look, I want to ask what you looked at, from the first glance alone to deny the fruits of my labor!" "The construction of a large shopping center!" Li Dong finished seeing Shen Xi still a bit confused, lightly laughed: "Miss Shen is worthy of being a returnee who came back from studying abroad, her eyesight is quite high. Let me ask, what is the minimum investment for building a large shopping center in the center of Pingchuan City?" "With a floor area of 60,000 square meters, it will take about 300 million ……" Li Dong interrupted her with a wave of his hand and smiled, "Miss Shen, go out and turn left, don't forget to close the door when you leave." Said no longer look at her, lowered his head and began to deal with documents. Shen Xi's teeth are about to gnash, reluctantly said: "The construction of a large shopping center, is the fundamental of a big box store! Without a shopping center, the public simply will not develop brand awareness, which is also the best publicity for Yuanfang ……" Not waiting for her to finish, Li Dong said impatiently: "I don't need you to point me out! I am the boss of Far Far Away, I say what Far Far Away should do!" "Three hundred million, your family has money you go play with yourself! I have this money, I can open a hundred stores, annual profits of more than 100 million like a game, why should I go to build a large shopping center that does not know how the future!" Said Li Dong voice stern: "Miss Shen, I think you can leave, this is my office, not a school classroom! I have no need or obligation to teach you how to do things, if you do not want to do, you can leave!" Shen Xi's eyes were red, biting her lips without saying anything. After a while, Shen Xi said: "Shopping centers can not be built, but the e-commerce platform must be done! Foreign e-commerce on the impact of physical stores, domestic now also has this trend, I have done a survey, now 20-30 years old this age group, fifteen percent of people will choose to shop online." "On top of that, your planning for the distant future is confusing! East a mallet and west a hammer, the stores of Far Far Away are fragmented and not systematic, there is no core competitiveness at all."