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Chapter 165: No Inside Story

  The next day. Li Dong arrived at the company at 8:30, met Liu Qi and said, "Go see if Shen Xi has come? Let her come to see me." Liu Qi smiled and quickly said, "Shen Xi arrives at nine o'clock every day, she should not be here yet." Said careful to observe the expression of Li Dong, see he did not show any dissatisfaction, Liu Qi some disappointment. To say who is the most stressed in the past two days far away, not Li Dong, not Shen Xi, but she Liu Qi. When Li Dong left Shen Xi, Liu Qi felt that he had met his match! Shen Xi looks no worse than her, and higher education than her, but also a returnee, which is simply the standard equipment of the president's assistant. To say that Shen Xi can be the vice president, Liu Qi is a hundred do not believe, but since she can not be the vice president, and Li Dong left people behind, their own assistant to the president can be a bit dangerous. In the middle of her thoughts, the phone in the office rang. Liu Qi hurriedly went over and picked up the phone, and after a few words, Liu Qi covered the phone and whispered: "Mr. Li, it's Zhang Qing's phone." Li Dong raised his eyebrows, this can't be sulked? The auction has not yet started, it seems that Zhang Qing has also received the news. Li Dong did not panic and picked up the phone, just as Li Dong spoke out, Zhang Qing on the other side of the phone said grimly: "Li Dong, are you determined to fight me to the death?" Li Dong waved his hand and sent Liu Qi away before he sneered, "It's interesting that Mr. Zhang said that! So I'm the one who provoked you from the beginning to the end? I do my business, you earn your money, we don't cross the river, but you want to bite me, I'm not made of clay either!" Zhang Qing was silent for a moment, and only after a long time did he say, "I'll buy the car, you make a price!" "Not for sale!" Li Dong refused, he was waiting for Zhang Qing to let go and find a way to get the land himself. Zhang Qing was furious when he heard that and said through clenched teeth, "Li Dong, you are looking for death!" Li Dong snorted, "Then I'll wait for Duke Zhang to fix me up!" "Fine, you have guts! Li Dong, even you want to stir up this land, I tell you, you are looking for death! Huafu Avenue is right under Pingchuan's nose, you think everyone else is blind and can't see the value of that piece of wasteland!" "Aren't you a bully? I'll wait, I don't need to clean you up, if this piece of land really yellow, the loss of the difference of hundreds of millions, you take the far side to compensate is not enough!" After saying these words, Zhang Qing directly hung up the phone. Li Dong is frowning, Zhang Qing said what is the meaning of the words? Could it be that this piece of land has someone else looking at it, or that from the beginning to the end Zhang Qing is a runner? The more you think about it, the more suspicious Li Dong is, is Zhang Qing faking it or is it really so. To say that Zhang Qing told lies, but Li Dong feel not quite like, before he did not think deeply, now think about it, a deputy mayor's son swallowed hundreds of millions of dollars worth of land in one breath, it seems that the appetite is indeed too big. But if someone else is really involved, and higher than Zhang Qing's identity, but also the money to buy land? But tens of millions of dollars, for others is astronomical, but if there is really higher status than Zhang Qing, the bank loan tens of millions of dollars will not be a problem, why do you need to find him twice? Although Zhang Qing's words have reservations, but Li Dong also dare not let down his guard. A Zhang Qing he can still withstand, really have a higher status than Zhang Qing government officials involved, this is not so simple. Li Dong thought about giving Zhou Haidong a call, the phone explained a few things, let him ask Wang Cheng, recently keep a close eye on it, see if Zhang Qing has had contact with any special identity. After the call, Li Dong hesitated and finally gave a call to Hu Sicheng. Since the last disagreement, he has not contacted Hu Sicheng, and does not know what Hu Sicheng's attitude is now.