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Chapter 166 Stalking

  Just when Li Dong was fooling Shen Xi, Zhang Qing was at home but he lifted the table. "Li Dong! You have enough balls!" Zhang Qing gnashed his teeth in hatred, Li Dong, this rich man dared to fight with him, this matter is not over! He won his car is not enough, but also take it to auction, if this matter is spread out, his Zhang Qing's face where to hold? Niu Mang reclined on the sofa and yawned, he usually does not get up until the afternoon, this time so early by Zhang Qing called over, he has long been a little impatient. Especially knowing that the cause of the matter was the little punk last time, Niu Mang was full of impatience: "Brother Qing, I'm not saying, if this matter was on my head, I would have cleaned him up already, there is still time to talk nonsense with him." According to the meaning of Niu Mang, before that phone call should not be made. Li Dong is nothing, a mob, there are ways to kill him. Zhang Qing swept a glance at him, his face gloomy said: "Clean up, how to clean up?" It's not like he hasn't retaliated before, but a few convenience stores, Li Dong did not take it seriously. Let the rectification is rectified, let the closure is closed, what else can he do? Yaohai district side he would like to move Li Dong, but Yaohai district side iron plate, he simply can not intervene. Thinking of this Zhang Qing heart slightly regret, if not the last time Hu Sicheng offended, he would not be so defeated. Hearing Zhang Qing say so, Niu Mang skimmed his mouth and said: "Brother Qing, you still do things too positive. This matter to me, to ensure that within ten days and a half months, the guy will have to rush to beg us. When the time comes, not to mention the anger, knocking him hard, at least to solve the matter of land, this can no longer be delayed." Niu Mang said the first half of the sentence, Zhang Qing still have a heart rejection. Because he knows that Niu Meng this guy is very black, white and black he is involved, this kind of thing as a last resort Zhang Qing do not want to get involved. Although he has the intention to clean up Li Dong, but some things can be stained, Zhang Qing did not Niu Mang so taboo. But when it comes to the land of Huafu, Zhang Qing swallowed back the words that came to his mouth. This piece of land he said he could take down, in order to squeeze into the circle he spent how much work, how much cost, if this time so ashamed of the failure, their efforts ahead can be all wasted. After a moment of hesitation, Zhang Qing asked, "It will not make a big deal, right?" Niu Mang said, "What is the fear of cleaning up a small yakuza, and nothing can be done if you look ahead." Hearing Niu Mang say so, Zhang Qing heart some bottom, but once you think of Huafu land, finally Zhang Qing still nodded and did not say anything. ……7 On the 20th of July, Qi Fangfang and her group embarked on a journey to travel the country. After sending several people out from the station, Li Dong let out a long breath. Qin Yuhan saw his look of relief, could not help but laugh: "No need to do so, if Fangfang saw this, guaranteed to be angry half dead." Li Dong rolled his eyes and said, "If she was conscious, she should have left long ago, she said she would stay for three to five days, but she has stayed for ten days. I think if Zhou Yue did not want to go, that guy Qi Fangfang stay a summer may be." Qi Fangfang they do not leave, Li Dong are ready to expel people. Several women occupy their daughters-in-law all day long, causing themselves to be left alone, this is what sense. Qin Yuhan lost his smile, but thinking about it is really possible. Qi Fangfang was still reluctant to leave, saying that there are several places in Pingchuan did not go to play, and finally if not for Zhou Yue even dragged, this guy may really be able to stay a few more days.