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Chapter 167: Who is more ruthless than who

  After smoking three cigarettes in a row, Zheng Long and the others still hadn't come back. Li Dong some annoyance stomped out the cigarette, looked back at the black Honda about two or three hundred meters away from him. The place where the other side parked is a little off, plus the trees blocking, Li Dong time also do not know how the situation in fact, turn around and ready to go over to see. Zhou Haidong hastily discouraged: "Li, wait a little longer, the old Zheng and they can handle it." After all, it's broad daylight, it's always better to take advantage of the time when no one is around. Li Dong also knows, but he just can't calm down. The other party has followed him for a day, to say no intention Li Dong certainly do not believe, suspicious, sneaky certainly not good intentions. If you let the other side run away, can not find the source and cause of the matter, Li Dong can not always be so fearful to live on. Just about to go directly over, Li Dong saw Zheng Long jogging over to his side. Seeing Li Dong look over, Zheng Long nodded and lowered his voice and said, "The people are restrained, three people, all of them are not good." "It's good that it's contained." Li Dong breathed a sigh of relief, as for the other party not being a good person, Li Dong had expected it. Since the person took down, Li Dong is not in a hurry to ask questions, after all, it is daytime, people come and go is not convenient. After thinking about it, Li Dong said, "Find a place where no one will take them over, and I will come back to you." See two people nodded, Li Dong said: "Later, find two reliable, still good hand brothers, secretly look after a rain Han." After today's incident, Li Dong does not feel comfortable with Qin Yuhan hanging around outside alone. If you are watching yourself, he usually has at least one Zhou Haidong around, but if you are watching Qin Yuhan, it will be a problem. Hearing this from Li Dong, Zheng Long volunteered, "If you trust me, I'll watch Miss Qin's side." Li Dong swept a glance at him, without much hesitation, nodded his head and agreed. Zheng Long has good skills and has been with him for some time, so he should not make any mistakes. Seeing that Li Dong agreed, Zheng Long's heart was happy. He and Zhou Haidong is together into the far side, the result of Zhou Haidong more and more mixed, but he is more and more mixed back. Before Li Dong went to the capital when he and Zhou Haidong were Li Dong's bodyguard, the results because he could not drive, and finally Zhou Haidong became Li Dong's driver and bodyguard, and he could only be a security head, Zheng Long naturally resentful. Li Dong side he is now certainly can not compare with Zhou Haidong, but the future boss's wife side there is hope. Now that he has taken the initiative to protect the boss's wife, Li Dong should also look up to him. Zheng Long's little ninety nine Li Dong can guess a roughly, but everyone has selfishness, as long as it does not delay the business Li Dong generally do not care. Zheng Long wants to fight for position, will certainly be more dedicated to protect Qin Yuhan, Li Dong also do not mind him some small selfishness. After saying this, Li Dong said, "Old Zhou first go to deal with things, old Zheng will find a driving behind me, try not to let Yu Han know." Qin Yuhan is very smart, if you know that Li Dong let people protect her, will certainly guess what. Li Dong does not want her to worry, so it is better not to be found out or try not to let her find out. Zheng Long and Zhou Haidong both nodded hastily, and then they each went on their own errands. …… sent Qin Yuhan home, Li Dong and Zheng Long downstairs to say hello then directly drove to the southern suburbs. The far side has a small warehouse in the southern suburbs, people are in the warehouse. When Li Dong went in, he saw the three people who had fallen to the ground moaning, and could not help but frown.