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Chapter 168: Making a big deal out of a small one?

  The man who was beaten curled up into a ball of pain, not even the strength to cry out in pain. The next two people saw Zhou Haidong hit so hard, moaning also gradually faded down, a touch of fear in the eyes. Ruthless, does not mean that do not want to live. Receiving money from others to eliminate disasters, but more money is not worth life, they dare not bet that Li Dong will not want their lives. These days, rich people are black-hearted, get a few people killed and finally find someone to take the blame for the incident is not without. The two men looked at each other, not waiting for Li Dong to ask questions, one of the men with a shaved head shouted: "I say!" Just after shouting the plate inch head pain backwards sucked a breath of cold air, before a few ribs broken by Cao Hongbing pain again, so he could not help but almost tears. Seeing Li Dong coldly staring at himself, the plate inch head forced the pain and gasped: "We are with Brother Fei, this time is also Brother Fei asked us to keep an eye on you." "Say it clearly, who is Brother Fei?" Li Dong frowned. "Wang Fei, the owner of Fei Yang bar, we usually watch the venue in his bar ……," the plate inch head said their origins, and then explained their purpose under Li Dong's questioning. They did not have the guts to kill, just want to invite Li Dong back to talk. This is Wang Fei's original words, Li Dong heard a cold laugh. Also talk, Wang Fei is who he does not know, what to talk about. To put it bluntly, this is kidnapping! But Li Dong still think it's not so simple, he opened a bar, and not really desperadoes, how would do such a brainless thing as kidnapping himself? After a moment of contemplation, Li Dong asked, "Does Zhang Qing know?" The two men looked confused and shook their heads at the same time. Li Dong saw the situation frowned, is not Zhang Qing? Or is it that these minions have not reached that level? Since he knew someone was following him, Li Dong's first suspicion was Zhang Qing. After all, he did not offend anyone during this period of time, the only and Zhang Qing made a feud. After thinking about it Li Dong said: "Niu Mang know?" This two people hastily nodded, the plate inch head cautiously said: "Niu often come to our bar, Brother Fei …… Wang Fei and his relationship is quite good." Li Dong released, he guessed it was Zhang Qing's side of the people did. Although not yet verified, but Li Dong felt no need to verify, this thing ** not far from the truth. After asking these, these guys are useless. Li Dong pondered for a moment, took out the phone and called Wu Jianguo. Answer the phone, Li Dong will briefly explain the matter, did not mention Wang Fei and Niu Meng, only that someone wanted to kidnap himself was caught by his own bodyguards, let Wu Jianguo bring people over to deal with it. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market. Li Dong thought about it and said, "Then I'll bring people back to Yaohai, but those few people are a bit injured, should we send them to the hospital?" Wu Jianguo did not think: "A moment will not die into, directly to the police station side." Hanging up the phone, Li Dong said to Zhou Haidong, "Take the people with you, go to Yaohai Branch." Zhou Haidong greeted Cao Hongbing, two people with a chicken, directly dragged the three to the van outside the warehouse. Then Li Dong asked them to take those machetes and daggers with them, and several people got into the van and drove to the Yaohai Branch. …… Yaohai Branch Office. Wu Jianguo's office, Li Dong will re-tell the matter, this time in more detail. Even the suspicion that Niu Mang did all said, just did not mention Zhang Qing.