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Chapter 169 - Sun Tao's golden words of wisdom

  On the way back, Li Dong has not spoken. Only when he reached the door of Wanyuan, Li Dong said, "Go back to Hongbing to go to the finance side to receive 30,000, everyone else 3,000." Cao Hongbing's breathing became disordered and he stammered, "Mr. Li, 30,000 is too much." "It's settled, I, Li Dong, am not a stingy person! Later you go to the hospital to take care of the injury on your arm, then take a week's leave, and come back when you are well." Cao Hongbing still wanted to say more, Zhou Haidong gently pulled him and said, "Mr. Li told you to take it, just take it and do your best in the future." Cao Hongbing smiled and said with a grateful face, "Mr. Li, you will see my performance in the future!" Li Dong laughed and patted his shoulder, "Go on, take care of your wounds and come back soon." Cao Hongbing hurriedly said a few more words of gratitude before finally going to the hospital at Li Dong's urging. As soon as Cao Hongbing left, Li Dong's face turned cold and asked Zhou Haidao, "How did Wang Cheng and the others do their job?" He asked Wang Cheng to keep an eye on Niu Meng and Zhang Qing, the main reason is to prevent them from retaliating. The result is that these guys beat their chests and talk a lot, but in the end, they almost made a mistake. Zhou Haidong heard the mouth moved, wanted to explain but did not know how to say it. Finally, he said in a stifled voice: "Mr. Li, this is my responsibility." Li Dong frowned slightly, and only after a long time said, "I'll give them a chance this time, if they still want to stay in the far side, I don't want to appear a second time." Zhou Haidong sighed with relief and hurriedly said, "Thank you, Mr. Li, I promise there won't be a next time!" Li Dong did not say anything else, he actually understands that the root is not in Wang Cheng and them, it is too easy to contact people nowadays, even if Wang Cheng and them monitor and listen all day, it is impossible to understand all the movements of Niu Meng and them. The real problem is still the old problem, Li Dong's foundation is not stable. In addition to no background, his bottom in Pingchuan is also very thin. The whole far side in Pingchuan is also a store in Longhua can slightly take, in addition to he has nothing, naturally can not let people scare. Know to know, Li Dong has been trying to solve, but this kind of thing can not be done overnight. Sigh, there is a long way to go, it seems that you have to work harder to do. Li Dong was thinking about how to completely solve these problems, Zhou Haidong was thinking about redeeming himself and asked, "Mr. Li, why don't I ask Wang Cheng and the others to make some noise?" Li Dong understood what he meant, but he thought more. Even if he broke Niu Mang's leg, or even killed Niu Mang and Zhang Qing, not to mention whether he would be implicated, it is difficult to keep doing this in the future? It's easy to kill a second generation, but it's hard to kill their old man too? Li Dong is not arrogant to this point, and not confident that the state can not find out that he did, this kind of thing can not be two. Zhu Hongtao that time he had no choice, plus Zhu Hongtao social status is low, the bottom is not clean, do it is done. But if the death of the official, Li Dong himself is not far from death. These words Li Dong also did not say to Zhou Haidong, said he did not understand, Li Dong thought about it and said: "Niu Meng and Zhang Qing's side forget it, the Fei Yang bar Wang Fei, find a way to cripple him!" Niu Meng and Zhang Qing side still have to solve from the right way, as for Wang Fei Li Dong has no worries. This guy a bar owner also dare to interfere with their own affairs, not to kill the chicken to make an example of monkeys, after who all dare to stand on his head to shit. …… stalking thing so quietly calm down. The three unlucky ghosts are still in custody, but nothing else seems to have happened. 25 July, vacation for more than a month Sun Tao finally came back. Li Dong breathed a long sigh of relief and saw Sun Tao looking rosy and couldn't help but tease, "Sun is rejuvenated, full of red." Sun Tao laughed and did not answer, but asked, "I see you frowning, did you encounter trouble?" Li Dong stroked his eyebrows and laughed: "You can see this?"