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Chapter 170: Enterprises of Conscience

  Sun Tao's words had a great impact on Li Dong. The iron must be hardened by itself, seeking others is better than seeking themselves. On July 27, Far Eastern Company and Pingchuan City Bureau jointly contacted the media and held a grand donation ceremony. In order to give back to the citizens of Pingchuan, fight crime and create a harmonious society, Far Eastern donated ten patrol cars to the Pingchuan Municipal Bureau. Among them, six were for the Municipal Bureau and four for the Yaohai Branch, with a total price of two million yuan. The Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee, the Secretary of the Political and Legal Committee and the Secretary of the Municipal Public Security Bureau jointly attended the donation ceremony. Sun Tao, the general manager of Far Eastern Company, delivered a donation speech on behalf of Li Dong, the chairman of the company. At the end of the ceremony, the secretary of the Political and Legal Committee and the municipal director invited Li Dong to have a meal together and the two sides talked happily at the dinner table. That night, the news was reported in both the Pingchuan Evening News and the Pingchuan Evening News. On the first day of the report, the response was only average, and most people didn't care about the news. But on the next day, July 28th, Far Eastern Supermarket made another move. In order to fulfill the dreams of poor students, Yuanfang donated one million dollars to fund 300 poor college students to fulfill their dreams. Because it was about education, more leaders attended the donation ceremony this time. Zhang Yunlong, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and Executive Vice Mayor, presided over the ceremony. The Vice Mayor in charge of education of the municipal government was present, and the Director of the Municipal Department of Education, Secretary of the Municipal Youth League Committee and Director of the Municipal Committee for the Care of the Poor attended the donation ceremony together. This time, the spokesman of the distant side was still Sun Tao, who delivered a touching donation speech at the donation ceremony. On behalf of the municipal government, Zhang Yunlong, the executive vice mayor, gave great recognition to Yuanfang and called it a "conscientious enterprise". On the same day, Yuanfang Supermarket was once again on the section of major media. Some media directly quoted Zhang Yunlong's words as the theme, reporting that Yuanfang Supermarket was a conscientious enterprise in Pingchuan. On July 29, Yuanfang announced that it would donate one million dollars to help poor children in the mountainous areas to return to school, and on July 30, Yuanfang announced that it would donate 500,000 dollars worth of clothes and materials to several old people's homes in Pingchuan to care for orphans and widows, and on July 31, Yuanfang donated 500,000 dollars worth of living materials to several orphanages. 500,000 worth of living materials. …… Yuanfang's series of actions shocked the media and shocked Pingchuan. For a week in a row, the major media were almost swept by the word Far Far Away once. The leaders of the municipal party committee who attended the various ceremonies of Yuanfang Supermarket were more than five people, and the leaders of other departments and foundations were tens. What Yuanfang triggered was not only the attention of the media and the government, but also the hot discussion of the citizens of Pingchuan. Some people say that Yuanfang is a conscientious enterprise, while others say that Yuanfang is a hype. No matter what, Yuanfang is indeed famous this time. After all, the actual more than five million cash, a not too big private enterprise, to this point anyone can not refute. On August 1, the mayor of Pingchuan praised Yuanfang Supermarket as "the most socially responsible and caring enterprise in Pingchuan" at a public event. Now not only the city TV station, but also the provincial TV station had a report about Yuanfang. Far Far Away was on fire, so much so that Zhang Qing and Niu Meng were at a loss for words. …… Zhang Qing's home. Niu Mang sat on the sofa with a face as black as iron and said through clenched teeth, "Wang Fei was scrapped, it must be that bastard Li Dong who had someone do it!" Zhang Qing glanced at him and coldly snorted: "I told you it's useless to look for those unscrupulous people! Even if you know that he did it, what can you do? Even if you know he did it, what can you do? Now he's in hot water with the city bureau and the branch, there's no hard evidence, what can you do with him?" Niu Mang defiantly said: "I do not believe that he can not clean up ……" Zhang Qing impatiently interrupted: "Less talk about those useless! The surnamed Li is now a lot of money, the municipal government is concerned about him, you are at this juncture less mishaps, something happened who can not protect you."