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Chapter 171: Tangled

  Sun Tao helpless, sometimes he feels really tired of being the general manager. Li Dong stable up than he are stable, but impulsive up than anyone impulsive, many things simply do not discuss with him as general manager. Take a deep breath, it is useless to talk about the past, Sun Tao admonished: "General Li, the next thing we have to do is to stabilize the results, donations do not need to donate." Li Dong nodded his head, he is not money is no place to spend, naturally will not spend money. This time five million out, at least the far side can also be stable for a year and a half. After another year and a half, then the Yuanfang is not the Yuanfang now, and there is no need to spend money to buy peace. As they were talking, Liu Qi knocked on the door and said, "Mr. Li, Shen Xi is back and wants to see you." "Back?" Li Dong was amazed, it had only been a few days, and Shen Xi had returned so soon. You know this research involves all the stores in Yuanfang, Shen Xi has seen all of them in just a few days? "Let her in." When Liu Qi went out, Li Dong saw Sun Tao's doubtful face and explained in a voice: "Shen Xi is a new employee who joined after you left, and just came back from doing research in the store this time." Sun Tao asked, "Is that the one who came to apply for the vice president job last time?" Li Dong then remembered that last time to Sun Tao sent a resume, nodded and said, "That's the one, but people are too young, vice president is not suitable ……" "General Li!" Before Li Dong's words fell, Shen Xi had already pushed the door and entered. But Shen Xi's face is not very good, obviously heard what Li Dong just said. Li Dong coughed dryly and changed the subject to introduce Sun Tao, "This is Mr. Sun, the general manager of Far Far Away." Shen Xi nodded towards Sun Tao and smiled, "Hello, Mr. Sun, I am Shen Xi, a senior researcher in the marketing department, and soon I will also be the vice general manager of Yuanfang." Sun Tao lost his smile, was this a rebuttal to what Li Dong had just said? As for the senior researcher, it was the first time Sun Tao heard of this position, there was nothing senior about it when he was there. Glancing at Li Dong, seeing that he did not move, Sun Tao also did not say anything, smiled at Shen Xi, Sun Tao to Li Dong Dong: "Mr. Li, then you busy, I will go out first." "Don't rush first, I may have to look for you later." Li Dong left Sun Tao behind and said to Shen Xi: "So soon the research is over, not fooling me, right?" Shen Xi rolled her eyes, did not take Li Dong's words, directly handed his hands a thick document to Li Dong, and then said, "This is the result of my efforts, please Mr. Li to accept." Li Dong took it and casually flipped through the page, dense data and text to see his head. Lazy to read further, Li Dong Dong: "I'll go back to read the report, you first tell me, how do you feel about the research this time?" "Very bad!" Shen Xi finished observing Li Dong's expression, saw that he did not move, could not help but skim the mouth. Li Dong laughed lightly at the situation and said, "Tell me which is bad?" "The whole is very bad, it can be said that from the beginning the far side is on the wrong path!" Shen Xi spoke out shockingly. Li Dong and Sun Tao, however, both did not change their faces, the little girl still played this trick with them. Although the far side definitely has problems, but definitely not as bad and exaggerated as Shen Xi said. If it was really that bad, how could Far Far Away be profitable all the time and still maintain a rapid level of development. Both of them did not say anything, waiting for Shen Xi to continue to speak amazingly, they would like to see what Shen Xi can say high opinion. If only to shout, Li Dong will not raise idle people.