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Chapter 172 - Tension Shift

  Sun Tao and Shen Xi both suggested Li Dong to invest in Pingchuan, but Li Dong did not give them a positive answer. He is now waiting, waiting for Baidu to go public! Five hundred thousand shares of stock, more than seventy million investment, even if Li Dong knew that the last time Baidu created a miracle, at this moment still some anxiety up. Sometimes a small change, may be due to the butterfly effect, the result of a sea change. And this time Baidu listing is because of the appearance of Li Dong, produced a small faint change. The change is Xu Yong, last time Xu Yong because of the lack of money, the listing of a part of the stock. But this time and space, because Li Dong's more than 70 million to help Xu Yong solve the financial problems, the Baidu listing Xu Yong is not among the offering shareholders. Although it seems that there is no Xu Yong have little impact, but Li Dong still do not dare to take it lightly. His hope for Baidu is too big, if the Baidu stock listing does not reach Li Dong's expectations, he will have to change a series of plans, or even aborted. These two days anyone who is close to Li Dong clearly perceive that Li Dong is somewhat distracted, walking away is often. ……8 on the 4th. The last day before the Baidu listing, Li Dong mood more and more apprehensive up. When he accompanied Qin Yuhan to the restaurant in the evening, Li Dong wandered off several times. Qin Yuhan at first did not ask, but later could not help but say: "Li Dong, what is wrong with you?" Only then did Li Dong return to his senses and exhaled, "Nothing, just a little nervous." "Nervous about what? About the company?" Qin Yuhan asked. Li Dong shook his head, and seeing Qin Yuhan's face with a worried look, he smiled and said, "Don't worry, it's a good thing." Qin Yuhan obviously not very convinced, good things need to be nervous? I don't know what came to mind, Qin Yuhan suddenly blushed and spat lightly: "What are you thinking about, my relatives haven't left yet." "What relatives of yours are here?" Li Dong was a bit confused and asked in passing. When he saw Qin Yuhan's face flushed, followed by anger, Li Dong immediately realized that he had misunderstood. This time Li Dong also did not go away, whispered jokingly: "I'm not in a hurry, I can wait, if you are anxious ……" "anxious you big head ghost!" Not waiting for Li Dong to finish Qin Yuhan punched him in annoyance, and said in shame: "Then nonsense I moved back!" Some time ago, because of the stalking matter, Li Dong did not dare to let Qin Yuhan move in with him. In the past two days, Zhang Qing and Niu Mang seemed to have stopped, so Li Dong hurriedly sent Qin Hai and his wife away, and yesterday Qin Yuhan moved to Wanyuan to live. But last night, Li Dong was still alone, Qin Yuhan's relatives came and refused to sleep in the same room with Li Dong. After the two of them played around for a while, Qin Yuhan asked again, "You haven't said anything yet, what are you nervous about?" Li Dong also wanted to find someone to confide in, took a sip of wine and let out a long breath before saying, "Baidu know?" Qin Yuhan gave him a white look, such an idiotic question can not ask! Li Dong also does not care, smiled and continued: "Tomorrow Baidu will be listed on the NASDAQ, so I am very nervous." Hearing Li Dong said the reason, Qin Yu Han cried and laughed, said: "Do not want to say, can not say, can not make excuses! What does Baidu listing have to do with you, what are you blindly nervous about!" "Did not lie to you, really!" Li Dong a serious face, see Qin Yu Han to get angry again, hurriedly said: "Listen to me finish!" Qin Yuhan ready to pinch the small hand back, some curiosity: "You will not really because of the Baidu listing nervous, right?" Li Dong nodded, exhaled and said, "I spent more than seventy million to acquire five hundred thousand shares of Baidu stock, do you think I should be nervous?" "More than seventy million!" Qin Yuhan exclaimed, and then hurriedly covered her mouth.