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Chapter 173 Baidu listed

  August 5th. In the morning, Li Dong was still sleeping when Qin Yuhan pinched his nose and asked, "Did it go up?" Li Dong was suffocated and woke up, his consciousness was still a bit fuzzy, and he said confusedly, "What went up?" "The stock ah!" Li Dong gasped at his words and said, "It's early, it's just dark over there in the United States, we still have to wait until midnight to know the results." "Then why did you tell me yesterday?" Qin Yuhan was a bit frantic. This kind of thing is too torturous, it's okay if you don't know, but if you know, she's dying of anxiety. Last night, if not for Qi Fangfang to help her share the pressure, she was afraid that she could not sleep all night. Li Dong speechless, snapped: "Yesterday I was not nervous, you asked me and I said." "Bastard, don't I get nervous?" Qin Yuhan was furious and slapped him fiercely. Li Dong sucked back a breath of cold air, a painful face said: "Where to hit it, interrupt you wait for widowhood!" Qin Yuhan suddenly tensed up and said, "Is everything okay? I did not mean to, let me help you look?" Said to pick up Li Dong's pants, Li Dong hurriedly protect underwear shouted: "Do not do it, just look and can not eat, do not hit on me in the morning." Seeing that he shouted in the air Qin Yuhan knew that he was fine, not good enough to say: "Who hit on you, shameless!" "What do you need a face for, a face is not a meal." Li Dong mumbled a sentence. Qin Yuhan gave him a white look and hummed, not to pay attention to him. Li Dong pinched her cheeks and laughed: "Don't be angry, wait one more day and you will be the authentic billionaire's wife." "Beautiful you! Who is your wife now!" Qin Yuhan blushed red and snapped. Li Dong laughed and joked, "I said I was the billionaire's wife, not my daughter-in-law, why are you so anxious to defend yourself, can't wait to get in?" "Go to hell!" Qin Yuhan was so angry that she fiercely pinched him several times, and only when Li Dong complained did she withdraw her Nine Yin White Bone Claw. After a while, Qin Yuhan said while helping Li Dong get clothes, "If you're not busy today, go out with me for a day, I can't stay at home anymore, I'm suffocating with tension, go out for a day to divert my attention." Li Dong also felt this suggestion is good. He said he didn't care about not being nervous, but how can he really not care at all. At least is more than seventy million, if this is not nervous only ghost, go out to play a day is good. …… this day Li Dong and Qin Yuhan two almost did not idle. In the morning, Li Dong accompanied Qin Yuhan to go shopping, regardless of the good and bad, two people bought a large car in a big bag. In the afternoon the two went to the Pingchuan amusement park, what stimulation play what, what can make people's brains blank on what to play. Only play the pain to the extreme they can forget about Baidu, forget about the 70 million things. Waiting for the evening, the two first went to the snack street to eat one all over, and then went to see a movie. When the movie was over, the time was almost eleven o'clock. Out of the cinema, tired of the day Qin Yuhan full of fatigue said, "up?" Li Dong cried and laughed, "still remember this?" "Can't forget, as soon as I have free time to think about this, I feel like I'm going crazy." Qin Yuhan smiled bitterly. "Don't worry, wait a little longer, it will be listed after a while." Qin Yuhan nodded and said, "Then let's go back, it will be almost listed by the time we get home." …… Qin Yuhan said she was going to stay with Li Dong to keep vigil and wait for the listing results, but she had fallen asleep in the car before she arrived home. This day is shopping and crazy play, the two have long been exhausted. When Li Dong stopped the car, he also heard Qin Yuhan half asleep and half awake asked, "Did it go up?" "Up!" Li Dong smiled and responded softly, carefully picking her up and going upstairs.