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Chapter 174 - The rise of the 80s

  Baidu listed, creating a large number of billionaires and multi-millionaires. And Li Yanhong Xu Yong these people are still abroad, the rest of the people Li Dong became the most striking one. The youngest, the least famous, the most special identity …… several of the most, so Li Dong became the focus of the eyes of the major media, some of the media in Pingchuan and even some of the major domestic media have flocked to the far side. Soon there were websites and media that disclosed Li Dong's information profile in detail. Li Dong, 20 years old, a native of Qingyang, Jiangbei, the head of Yuanfang, studied at Jiangda University …… There were also media estimates of Li Dong's wealth, Baidu stock valued at 480 million, Yuanfang supermarket valued at 120 million, Li Dong's total assets reached a huge 600 million! From nothing, a young man of 20 years old, worth more than 600 million, this is simply a legend! The country is not richer than Li Dong, but a lot, but the name Li Dong is in a very short period of time fire across the country. The reason for the fire is not because of money, or not only because of money. The main reason is that Li Dong's road to success is too inspirational! Many of the post-80s have hailed Li Dong as a heavenly man, who said the post-80s is the "beaten generation"? Li Dong, from a hawker family, single-handedly broke into a family business! He is not the second generation, just an ordinary person, but he relied on his own hands, creating a miracle. If Li Dong can do it, then why can't they do it after the 80s! Soon, the name Li Dong became a synonym for the rise of the post-80s. "Do you want to be the next Li Dong?" "As long as you work hard, you are the second Li Dong!" These words circulated quickly on the Internet, good thing there are no net stars these days, otherwise Li Dong would be the hottest net star in '05. <>…… No matter how hot the outside world spreads, Li Dong himself is gradually calmed down. The money is not in hand, what is said is empty, the outside world is now valued at more than one billion dollars, more and more outrageous, but Li Dong actually really do not have a few big son. Don't say a billion, now he can't even take out 10 million. The distant side of these months easily saved some money, the results were all taken by Li Dong to redeem the stock. Last time he mortgaged the stock to others and borrowed 30 million, which was partly spent on the Copper Mountain store and partly left as a reserve. Now that Baidu is listed, Li Dong doesn't want to pledge his shares in someone else's hands, and once again emptied Yuanfang's bottom before redeeming the shares back. Thirty million away, now he does not say 10 million, I'm afraid several million can not get out. Others think he is not short of money, but do not know that Li Dong for money matters are almost white hair. Sitting on a chair dazed, Sun Tao and Shen Xi came together. As soon as he saw the two, Li Dong's head was as big as a cow and said, "Don't mention money to me, who mentions money, I'll flip with who!" Sun Tao lost his smile, but Shen Xi did not believe: "Outside are saying that you are worth more than one billion, you really do not have money?" "One billion you give me?" Li Dong gave her a white glance and said, "Did the media downstairs send away?" "Mr. Li, in fact, I think it is still necessary to accept a few media interviews, which can improve the fame of Yuanfang, which is equivalent to helping us advertise for free, there is no need to refuse all of them. <> "Sun Tao picked up a sentence.