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Chapter 175: Goodwill and charity

  The loan was given to Sun Tao and Shen Xi, and Li Dong packed up and left the company. Just when he reached the downstairs of the Global Building, several reporters from tabloids rushed over. "Mr. Li, can you tell us how you feel now?" "Mr. Li, what do you think about the future of Baidu? Do you think Baidu's stock price will go up again?" "Mr. Li, I heard that you are still a student, are you married?" "Mr. Li, I heard that your uncle is a high official in Pingchuan is that true?" "……" Li Dong's face did not change, this kind of scene he has long been used to in the past two days. The real big newspapers will not be so boring, pestering him all day long, now left are some lace tabloids. Li Dong does not speak, it is just, really want to answer, tomorrow these tabloids may not know how to nonsense. As long as he remains silent, in a day or two these tabloid reporters will disappear, the country every day so many things, they will not pester Li Dong every day. That is, Li Yanhong they have not returned to the country now, otherwise these people will not find Li Dong. …… easily squeezed out from the circle of reporters, Li Dong breathed a long sigh of relief. It seems that these two days they should not come to the company, wait for them to leave, every time this, Li Dong can not carry. When he got into the car, Zhou Haidong and Cao Hongbing were already waiting for him in the car. Now Li Dong's fame is getting bigger and bigger, the outside world is also outrageous, that he is worth more than one billion, go out with two more people Li Dong really do not feel at ease. This year, there are not no desperate people, if someone has the intention to kidnap him, where he can say to reason. "Mr. Li, someone is following behind, want to lose them?" Zhou Haidong asked after glancing at the rearview mirror. Li Dong swept a glance towards the back of the car and said helplessly, "Find a way to get rid of them, I'll avoid them for two days after today, and then two more days." Zhou Haidong answered and began to scurry around in the city of Pingchuan. After about half an hour or so, Zhou Haidong finally got rid of a few tabloid reporters. Li Dong again, a long breath of relief said, "Go to Jiang Da." …… Jiangda. Green Pavilion. Green Pavilion is an on-campus dessert store, because of the summer vacation, there are not many people in the store. When Li Dong arrived, Fang Qingfei was already here. Seeing Li Dong, Fang Qingfei looked at him very carefully before saying, "I don't see any difference, you are so rich, still wearing this is not too embarrassing?" Li Dong rolled his eyes and said, "One of my clothes can cover your salary for a year, so what am I ashamed of?" "Show off!" Fang Qingfei cooed. Li Dong was speechless, you despise me when I dress poorly, and you say you are showing off when I dress well, it's really hard to serve! But he does not have the energy to fight with Fang Qingfei now, sit down and ask: "What do you want to call me? I heard you say on the phone that you are almost seriously ill, but now you are still in the mood to eat dessert, you are not swindling me, right?" "Can you talk? Who is seriously ill?" Fang Qingfei was so angry that she wanted to scold him, but then she remembered that she was begging someone, so she gave up and said, "Don't talk so badly, I have something to ask you for help." "What is it?" "Borrow money!" Li Dong immediately frowned, these two days looking for him to borrow money is not one or two. All know that he has money, want to take advantage of, but do not think about what Li Dong will give them to take advantage of!