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Chapter 177: Desperate

  Hearing Fang Qingfei say so, Li Dong did not ask further questions. When the two of them went upstairs, Fang Qingfei accompanied Wang Jia's mother and chatted for a while, seeing that she was a bit tired, she said, "Auntie, you should rest first, I will come back to see you later." Wang Jia's mother nodded gently and said, "If you're busy with work, don't come here, I'll be taken care of by Xiao Chen." Fang Qingfei smiled and did not say anything, and instructed Sister Chen a few words before leaving the ward. …… out of the hospital, the two found an empty chair in the small square opposite the hospital and sat down. Fang Qingfei looked at the square of people coming and going, some lost in thought. Li Dong asked, "Since Wang Jia does not care, why do you still care?" Fang Qingfei eyes suddenly red, choked: "You do not understand! Jia Jia does not care, she really has no choice, desperate, do you understand?" "When she left, she knelt down in front of me and begged me, you don't know, when she knelt down and kowtowed to me, my heart was broken." "She said she had a friend like me in her life, and only asked me to take care of her mother, and if there was no way, to help her mother to do the afterlife, do you think I could watch my aunt just go?" The more Fang Qingfei said, the more painful, full of tears said: "I really have no choice. My parents and I borrowed the money for the first medical expenses, and they are just ordinary workers with little savings. I can't let my parents sell the house they live in for an outsider, I can't do that." "I looked for Li Xi, but she said she did not have so much money, and said that her money was taken up for investment, and she could not get it out at a moment's notice. I really have no way, really no way, so I can only beg you …… "Fang Qingfei whispered and choked for a while, wiped dry tears and continued: "You do not know, this time I regret, want to scatter, think a lot, every night I ask myself, that Not your relatives, why do you have to save her?" "But I can't get past this hurdle in my heart, I can't forget when Jia Jia knelt down and begged me." "You do not know, Jia Jia how proud she is, but she kneeled down and kowtowed to me can you imagine?" The tears of Fang Qingfei slipped down again, she was physically and mentally exhausted during this period of time, and had endured too much pressure. The medical and nursing fees of more than 10,000 per month almost crushed her. She was only a counselor who had just graduated a year ago and was still in the internship period, not even a lecturer, and her family was only ordinary, so she was not that capable of helping others. She wanted to ignore it, but every time she thought of Wang Jia, she couldn't bear to ignore it. She is really too tired to smile in front of people. When Li Dong saw her like this, he couldn't help but sigh. Only after a long time did he say, "Can you tell me about Wang Jia?" Although he had not dealt with Wang Jia for a long time, Li Dong did not think that Wang Jia was the kind of person who avoided responsibility. Her mother was seriously ill in bed, but Wang Jia had disappeared, which was not normal, there must be a hidden agenda. Fang Qingfei also said Wang Jia desperate to go, and when leaving even said that there is no way for Fang Qingfei to help her mother to handle the aftermath, which is too desperate, not Wang Jia this little girl can do it. Fang Qingfei also calmed down at this time, wiped the tears, sighed: "Since you want to hear, then I will talk about it, it is difficult to hold in my heart." …… With Fang Qingfei's narrative, Li Dong's heart is a little bit uncomfortable. The family is broken, this is the real picture of the Wang family. Things are actually very simple, originally Wang Jia's father is a cement business, has been developing well in the past few years, also counted as a small fortune, family capital million or have. But these two years, the business of the Wang family is not as good as a year, Wang Jia's father is a little anxious. The father of Wang Jia is said to be anxious, I do not know from where suddenly appeared a Hong Kong businessman, said to and Wang Jia's father to jointly invest in the construction of factories.