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Chapter 178 - Honest People Are Not Honest

  Li Dong finished smoking a cigarette and was silent for a while before saying, "I'll call you back with the money, first find a way to replace the kidney, the disease is cured." Fang Qingfei red eyes whispered: "Thank you." Then she said, "I'll write you an IOU later, I'll be able to evaluate lecturers in the second half of the year, my salary will increase, I'll definitely pay you back." "No need." When Li Dong finished speaking, Fang Qingfei said with a strained neck, "Don't think I'm trying to get sympathy, I'm only saying that to you because I'm having a hard time holding it in. I will definitely pay you back, this money is my money for Jiajia, when Jiajia has money then pay me back, no need for you to pay!" Li Dong shrugged his shoulders and said indifferently, "Whatever you want. Do you know where Wang Jia is now?" Fang Qingfei shook her head with a worried look on her face and said, "I don't know where she went, when she left she said she would come back as soon as possible, and at the end of July there was an extra 2,000 yuan in my account, she must have called. I don't know how she's doing now ……" said Fang Qingfei and began to sigh, no need to think to know that it's not good. The father just passed away, the mother is still lying in the hospital, and she was forced by loan sharks to leave the country, can live a good life is strange. Li Dong did not answer, got up and said, "I'm going back, if you have trouble, call me, Wang Jia is also considered my friend, she is not here now, her mother's side can help I will help." Fang Qingfei once again said thank you. Looking at Li Dong's back fading away, Fang Qingfei took a long breath and suddenly felt much more relaxed. She is only a woman, can not afford to carry such a big pressure. …… On the way back, Li Dong was still feeling sorry for Wang Jia. It seems that ever since he met Wang Jia, Wang Jia has been unlucky. First, he was fired from Longhua, then he was harassed by Zhu Hongtao at Global, and finally he lost his job at Global. When the matter of Zhu Hongtao passed, her father committed suicide, her mother was seriously ill, homeless, uprooted from her home …… a woman, suddenly encountered so many blows, Wang Jia was not driven crazy is considered a strong character. Sigh, Li Dong did not think more. Wang Jia side even if he wants to help, people are not necessarily willing to let him help, or else when Wang Jia met him when selling the house will not deliberately avoid him. Put down the distractions in his mind, Li Dong raised his head to the car window and looked out. This look Li Dong hurriedly said: "Pull over for a moment!" Zhou Haidong heard the words and hurriedly slowed down, slowly stopping the car against the road. Li Dong opened the car window and shouted, "Cousin, what are you doing here?" Cao Feng, who was squatting on the roadside and looking around, heard a familiar voice, turned his head and found that it was Li Dong, Cao Feng immediately snapped, "Dongzi, I didn't miss work." Li Dong lost his smile, is this a self-confession? However, he had a good impression of his cousin, Cao Feng and Cao Yu had hardly given themselves any trouble in the past month or so, nor had he heard of any bullying actions. Very honest two people, otherwise Li Dong would not have deliberately stopped to ask a question. Seeing that Cao Feng was a bit restless, Li Dong laughed and said, "I didn't say you were absent from work, what are you doing here?" Cao Feng said dryly, "Nothing, just tired of walking, I will rest." Li Dong glanced at him, saw him peeking into a store next to him from time to time, had a guess in his mind, deliberately laughed and said, "Then get in the car, where do you want to go I will send you." "No need, no need!" Cao Feng hurriedly waved his hand, said also looked back at the next women's clothing store, and then to Li Dong Dong: "Dongzi, you busy you, do not delay the business." "It's okay, I'm not busy today, cousin, why don't we go have dinner together?" Cao Feng looked embarrassed, wanted to refuse but could not refuse, stammering also could not say a reason. Li Dong also stopped teasing him and laughed: "Then you continue to rest, I'll leave first, I'll invite you and cousin to have a meal together later."