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Chapter 179 - Shen Xi's identity

  On August 10th, Li Yanhong and the others returned to China. The media of all sizes downstairs in the Global Building finally let Li Dong go, the days of hounding and blocking in the previous days were finally over. Li Dong sighed with relief, these guys do not leave again will affect his normal life. In the afternoon, Li Dong took time to go to the company. Now that Sun Tao has returned, Li Dong is much more relaxed than before, and he doesn't need to deal with minor matters in person. So even though Li Dong didn't come to the company for two days, Yuanfang was still running normally and nothing went wrong. As a result, when he arrived at the company, Li Dong was blocked by Shen Xi. Seeing that Shen Xi followed him every step of the way, Li Dong said with a headache: "Ms. Shen Xi, you are only the researcher of the marketing department, not the vice president of the company, and some things you report to me are beyond the level of reporting, do you understand?" Shen Xi did not think: "Then you will promote me to be the vice president is." Li Dong was speechless and changed the subject: "What do you want to see me again?" "Pingchuan's full store coverage plan, these days I and Sun talked to the bank side, the loan problem is not big, but some information still need your seal, you deal with it." Shen Xi finished and shoved a large stack of information to Li Dong. Li Dong picked it up and looked at it, then frowned and said, "Sixty million, is it too much? Has the bank agreed?" "Still talking, but the problem should not be big. As for the 60 million, I personally feel that it is not too much. I feel that the nine months you mentioned is too long, after that I discussed it with Mr. Sun and felt that half a year is more appropriate, so the initial investment of sixty million is not too much." Li Dong narrowed his eyes and swept her a glance, lightly humming: "You can be my master now? When did a bottom-level employee get to discuss the company's strategic deployment with the general manager?" Shen Xi puffed out her mouth and glared at him, annoyed, "You said you'd promote me to vice president last time, you didn't keep your word!" "When did I say that?" Li Dong asked rhetorically. "You said it, don't try to deny it!" Li Dong exhaled, not bothering to argue with her, and lowered his head to continue reading the information. After reading the information, Li Dong pondered for a moment and then started to sign and seal. Sixty million is sixty million, Li Dong now also gave up, as long as the stock is still in hand he is not afraid of not being able to pay, sixty million and thirty million is not much different. After signing and sealing, Li Dong saw that Shen Xi was still standing there and did not leave, and said in a good mood: "There is something else?" "These two days you are not in, Fucheng side of the performance statistics came out, last month Fucheng performance reached 160 million, I think the company is not to give some incentives ……" Shen Xi has not finished, Li Dong changed color and said: "This matter It's not your turn to care! Who gave you this information?" These performance reports must be sent to him first, he is not in Sun Tao to see, Shen Xi is not yet qualified to access these materials. Shen Xi bristled and grunted, "I can see it if I want to, as the acting vice general manager, of course I have to manage these matters." Li Dong laughed and gritted his teeth, "Who gave you the title of acting vice president? You spend all day not doing your regular job, just thinking of a step to the sky, I think you should save your mind!" Seeing Shen Xi's indignant face, Li Dong waved his hand and said, "Go out, from now on you should not bother about these things." Shen Xi grunted, turned around in a huff and left the office. Seeing her leave, Li Dong rubbed his brow, feeling big head. In fact, Shen Xi still has some real ability, but Li Dong does not feel comfortable to let her be the vice general manager, it is really this young lady is too unqualified, want to be a suffer is a suffer. If she can really set her mind to do a good job, after two or three years, Li Dong may really be willing to let her as vice president.