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Chapter 180: Arrival of Parents

  After Sun Tao left, Li Dong called to encourage Qi Yunna a few more times. Finally, he asked, "Do you want the house in Pingchuan or the house in Fucheng?" Hearing these words, Qi Yunna was so excited that she could hardly speak, and only after a long time did she say, "Mr. Li, I didn't complete the 200 million task, so I am ashamed of this house. I don't want it this time, you can reward me next time when I finish the task." Li Dong laughed: "Really don't want it? If you really don't want it then forget it, it just so happens that I saved an expense." "Don't!" Qi Yunna immediately anxious, embarrassed: "Mr. Li, why are you like this, I just said ……" this time to reach the goal of 160 million, can be said to be a record, Qi Yunna naturally know the difficulty, really want to reach the goal of 200 million, without a year's time It is almost impossible to accumulate. Li Dong laughed out loud, and only after laughing did he say, "Or Pingchuan, Fucheng side you stay for a year or two first, eventually you still have to come to Pingchuan." Hearing Li Dong's words, Qi Yunna's heart became even more excited. In the end, you still have to go to Pingchuan? What to go to Pingchuan, naturally not to be a small soldier, must be to be promoted. She is now the city manager, and the next step is the regional manager. The regional manager is on the same level as the director of each department of Yuanfang, and she will be the senior leader of Yuanfang at that stage. Qi Yunna was very excited to express her gratitude to Li Dong, and then started to express her loyalty. Although Li Dong knew that she was flattering her, he was still very impressed. Everyone loves to hear good words, especially his own right-hand man, and Li Dong naturally liked to hear them even more. The company Qi Yunna chatted a little longer, Li Dong hung up the phone. <> As a result, the phone just hung up, the phone rang again. As soon as the phone is connected, Cao Fang complained: "Brat, who just talked to talk through so long, to you called several calls are occupied." "Mom, I just had business, why, is something wrong?" Li Dong casually asked a question, the result of Cao Fang's answer made him astonished. "You and Dad came to Pingchuan?" "What, your father and I are not welcome!" Cao Fang said in an unkind tone. Li Dong laughed dryly and hurriedly said, "How come, where are you and dad now? I'll pick you up in advance. It's dangerous for you to come here when you're not familiar with the place." "Come on, don't chatter, your father and I are almost at the Faraway Supermarket. It's that Longhua Plaza, right?" "Yes, it's Longhua Plaza, you guys be careful on the way, I'll be there soon." Li Dong hung up the phone and hurriedly went to Longhua Square. …… Ten minutes later, Longhua Square. Li Dong ran over panting, half a day before he saw two familiar figures on the side of the square. Jogged to meet him, met Li Dong complained: "Dad, Mom, you guys are really, what a good raid, could not give me a call before coming." Li Chengyuan did not pay attention to him, but Cao Fang was not happy: "What raid or not, your father and I have hands and feet, come to Pingchuan around and still need your consent?" Li Dong's face is sarcastic, how old mother with a gun pill like. Li Chengyuan pulled him a bit, muttered: "Your mother is holding her breath, less talk to her, we do not pay attention to her. <>" "What's wrong, who made you angry again?" Li Dong glanced at Li Chengyuan as he spoke, in addition to Dad seems to be no one to mess with it. Li Chengyuan glared at him and hummed: "This time it has nothing to do with me, your mother is angry with herself."