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Chapter 181: One must not forget one's roots

  After entering the supermarket, Li Dong first led his mom and dad to the office area. Then he said to the duty manager, "Go and find Cao Feng and Cao Yu, tell them to come over." When the duty manager left, Li Dong accompanied Cao Fang and the others to chat for a while, and Cao Yu came over first in a short while. Seeing Li Dong, Cao Yu hurriedly said, "Mr. Li ……" Before she could finish her sentence, Li Dong interrupted, "Cousin, just call me Dongzi when there are no outsiders." Only then did Cao Yu change her tone and said, "Dongzi, what do you want from me?" Next to her, Cao Fang and Li Chengyuan had been sizing up Cao Yu, and when Cao Yu asked, Cao Fang asked with red eyes, "Are you Erbao?" Only then did Cao Yu notice the two Cao Fang's family, then she said with some uncertainty, "Little Aunt?" "It's me, you're Erbao, right? I'm your little aunt!" Cao Fang's eyes burst into tears. Then the aunt and nephew hugged each other and cried loudly. Li Dong and Li Chengyuan looked at each other, this is too excited, right? Li Dong saw the situation also did not go to get involved, gently stabbed his father whispered: "Dad, feel that there is a hidden agenda, it is difficult to be abducted back by your mother?" Li Chengyuan glared at him in displeasure and said, "Don't talk nonsense, your mother and I fell in love freely, do you understand?" "Really?" Li Dong's face is full of doubt, his mother is from Qian Province, more than a thousand miles apart, how could she have met her father more than 20 years ago? When Li Chengyuan saw his expression, he knew what he was thinking and said, "What are you looking at? Your father was a handsome guy who was known far and wide back then. Li Dong laughed dryly and said, "Believe, of course, if you are not handsome, how can I give birth to such a handsome son." The father and son looked at each other, and then laughed, it is true that not a family does not enter the family door. The two men were chatting when Cao Feng arrived. Cao Feng first saw Cao Yu and Cao Fang hugging and crying, and then saw Li Dong talking with a middle-aged man who looked somewhat like Li Dong, and immediately realized what was going on. Glancing at Li Chengyuan with some hesitation, Cao Feng said tentatively, "Little aunt husband?" Li Chengyuan laughed: "is Cao Feng, it is so big, a turn of the work is twenty years past, when I saw you, you are still a little big, wearing crotch pants all over the place ……" as Li Chengyuan continued to talk about ancient, Cao Feng full of sweat. Li Dong is also crying and laughing, coughing to interrupt his dad's words, towards a side still catching up with the old mother shouted: "Mom, cousin Feng is here, this time you cry less, and then cry eyes will be swollen." Hearing her son poke fun at herself, Cao Fang gave him a fierce glare. After looking Cao Feng up and down, Cao Fang did not cry this time, but just kept saying "good". The next few people sat down and talked for a while, mainly Cao Fang asked Cao Feng and Cao Yu about their hometown in Qian Province. When they heard that their mother was still in good health and usually went to the mountains to pick fruit, Cao Fang began to cry again. Seeing this, Li Dong quickly said, "Mom and Dad, it's getting late, let's go back first, and we'll talk about the rest at dinner time." Cao Fang finally stopped the tears, nodded and did not speak, but grabbed Cao Yu's hand and refused to let go. …… on the way back, Li Dong remembered that he forgot to inform Qin Yuhan. Let Cao Feng Cao Yu first take their parents back, Li Dong in the back hurriedly dialed Qin Yu Han's phone. When Li Dong just finished saying that his parents are coming and will be home soon, Qin Yuhan suddenly panicked and said: "Why didn't you say so earlier! I'm going back first, things are too late to pack, you make up your own mind."