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Chapter 182 Invitation

  The next day. When Li Dong got up in the morning, Cao Fang had already made breakfast. Li Dong briefly washed up, stood at the kitchen door and sniffed, and asked, "Mom, where did the sour bean curd come from? Did you bring them?" "Well, you said you wanted to eat it last time, so I bought some and pickled a jar, and brought it all here for you this time." Li Dong laughed: "Mom still knows how to love her son." After sweeping around the house and not seeing Li Chengyuan, Li Dong said, "By the way, where did Dad go?" Cao Fang helped Li Dong serve a bowl of thin rice while complaining, "The old thing can't sit still, he went out early in the morning, saying he was going for a walk, I was afraid he wouldn't come back." As he was talking, Li Chengyuan hummed a little song and pushed the door in. Hearing Cao Fang's words, Li Chengyuan grunted: "I can't find it back? I tell you, I can walk back with my eyes closed, believe it or not." "Poor deceitful!" Cao Fang gave him a white look and said, "Eat breakfast or not, don't eat it." Li Chengyuan bristled, took a sip of the rice in Cao Fang's hand, and said to Li Dong: "Dongzi, your environment is not bad, the air is also quite fresh, the place is well chosen." Li Dong said, "Then you and mom will move in together, I'm mainly focused on Pingchuan now, I can't take care of you in Dongping." "Forget it, it's okay to live for a few days, it's not customary to live for a long time." Li Chengyuan shook his head. Cao Fang also said, "I've been living in Dongping for decades, so I'm not used to changing places. Besides, your father and I are not yet dependent on you to take care of us, you just take care of yourself." Li Dong persuaded a few more words, and when he saw that the old couple was determined, he did not persuade them again. But finally Li Dong said, "Then I'll buy a new house in Dongping, our house is too old, the neighborhood is also an old neighborhood, not safe." Li Chengyuan shook his head again: "Nothing to change the house why, our house is quite good, live a long time have feelings. The next-door neighbors in the neighborhood also know each other, change to a new neighborhood, can not even find someone to talk to." Cao Fang was a little tempted, but heard Li Chengyuan say so, and then dismissed the idea. They can't accept the idea of moving suddenly after decades of living there. Li Dong is a bit helpless, did not continue to say. After eating breakfast, Cao Yu also rushed over. Cao Fang pulled Cao Yu and talked for a while, then turned to Li Dong Dong, "Your father and I don't need you to accompany us, just let Erbao accompany us, if you have something to do, go and do your work." "I'm fine ……" Li Dong had not finished, Li Chengyuan frowned: "How are you fine, the company's affairs to others can be assured? Own things to watch out for themselves, don't end up being cheated by people don't know." Li Dong smiled bitterly, how do I feel that my father and mother want to drive themselves away from the rhythm? Some suspicious sizing up the old two mouths, Li Dong asked, "You are not going to find cousin that girlfriend, right?" After saying that Li Dong glanced at several people, and sure enough, the three faces are a little uncomfortable. Li Dong is a bit speechless, Lin Meng and Cao Feng know at most not more than a month, you are now eager to door-to-door poking around, is not too early? Just want to persuade a few words, Cao Fang impatience said: "You go to do your work, nothing to accompany your little girlfriend shopping, we do not need you to get involved in our affairs." Li Dong is now completely speechless, let them toss it. …… Li Dong was almost driven out of the house by his parents. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you want to do. Just downstairs, the phone rang. Li Dong swept a glance at the caller ID, frowned slightly, and directly hung up the phone. As a result, shortly after hanging up, the phone rang again.