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Chapter 183: Dinner Party

  Last time Li Dong had a small car accident, was a female driver to hit. The BMW was this woman's, but the two did not say a few words, Li Dong did not know what her name. This time in this encounter with each other, Li Dong some surprise, but not too much surprise. That time this woman's style of handling accidents can be seen she is not simple, now just confirmed it. Seeing Li Dong staring at herself when she entered, Zhang Lan Yu knew that Li Dong recognized her, got up and smiled, "Mr. Li, we meet again." Li Dong nodded without saying anything. Zhang Lanyu was not impressed and reached out her hand and smiled, "Get reacquainted, my name is Zhang Lanyu." Li Dong reached out and shook her hand, smiling lightly and said, "Miss Zhang, nice to meet you." When the two finished greeting, the white-haired man who had been eating since Li Dong entered the door only smiled and said, "Mr. Li, a rare guest, sit down." Li Dong didn't say anything and found an empty seat beside Zhang Lan Yu and sat down. Then the white-haired man said, "Mr. Li, let's eat first and talk after we finish eating." Said the white-haired man began to eat again with a whimper. Zhang Langyu frowned slightly, then stretched, turned his head towards Li Dong and smiled: "This white-haired man called Chen Rui, usually this style, Mr. Li do not mind." Li Dong smiled and did not answer. Zhang Lanyu also did not care, and introduced the eye man to Li Dong: "This is Wang Siwen." Wang Siwen nodded towards Li Dong, the corners of his mouth curled up slightly, and said with a smile, "We have heard of Mr. Li's great name, and when we see him today, he is really different." Li Dong still just smiled, but refused to answer. Wang Siwen raised his eyebrows, and soon calmed down again, he laughed and also began to eat hot pot. Seeing that Zhang Langyu wanted to introduce Zhang Qing again, Li Dong then opened his mouth and said, "There is no need to introduce Mr. Zhang, I am familiar with it." Zhang Qing gave a light hum and said nonchalantly, "I thought Mr. Li would not come tonight." "Why not? Mr. Zhang is not easy to invite guests, I still have to give this face." Li Dong laughed. Zhang Qing smiled and gritted his teeth, but when he saw that both the white-haired man and Wang Siwen did not move, Zhang Qing then suppressed his anger and grunted and stopped fighting with Li Dong. Then the room fell silent, leaving only the sound of Chen Rui eating hula. Li Dong did not move his chopsticks, poured himself a cup of tea and slowly tasted up. The crowd had their own thoughts, Li Dong sized up the crowd one by one, and the others also sized him up with their afterglow, a process that lasted for a long time. After about half an hour, Chen Rui put down his chopsticks, wiped his mouth and said to Li Dong with a smile: "Mr. Li, sorry for the delay. I don't like to be polite, so I don't think it's meaningful for us to have a meal together, right?" Li Dong said lightly: "I also think so, the melon that is twisted is not sweet, you eat yours, I eat mine, whether you can eat is your own business, there is no need to grab the dishes in other people's bowls." Chen Rui smiled and said, "Mr. Li is a bit interesting, this is the truth. But it is not absolute, sometimes you grow stronger than others, always eat a little more to do. My bowl is not full after eating, you have most of the bowl left to eat, there is no need to waste." "Growing strong does not necessarily mean fighting hard, these days it is not uncommon for small people to kill big people." Li Dong unsavoury back a sentence. Chen Rui paled slightly, his smile was a little forced.