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Chapter 184 Cooperation

  In the room, several people said a bunch of cloudy. Li Dong heart some impatience, but held back not to seize, a Zhang Qing he can not put in the eye, but the room these people teamed up, Li Dong can not carry some. Although he did not know the identity of Zhang Lan Yu and Chen Rui, but certainly not simple, at least more than Zhang Qing a level. After half a day of perfunctory conversation with a few people, Li Dong finally opened the door and said, "Miss Zhang, Mr. Chen, tell me what you have to say, it's getting late, I'm used to going to bed early." Chen Rui smiled at his words, "Okay, I like Mr. Li's quick temperament!" "But before I say anything, I would like to ask Mr. Li a question." "Go ahead!" "What does Mr. Li think about the real estate industry?" Li Dong glanced at him, without too much hesitation, affirmed: "Profitable industry, today's entry must earn." Chen Rui's eyes lit up, and Zhang Lan Yu hurriedly said, "Why is Mr. Li so sure? In the nineties, real estate also rose, but then there was a real estate bubble, Li Dong is so sure that will make money?" Li Dong smiled and didn't explain, but said, "I can't say why, but I think this time is different from the past, it's definitely profitable." Li Dong's statement made Zhang Lan Yu a few people a little disappointed, but a few people quickly came back to their senses, at least know Li Dong view. Chen Rui glanced at Zhang Langyu, saw her nod, then said: "Since Mr. Li is so optimistic about the real estate industry, you have not thought about entering to share the pie?" Li Dong now finally understood the purpose of a few people, smiled and said, "There is a lot of ability to do a lot of things, real estate water is too deep, I am afraid of drowning in it." This is Li Dong's heart, if real estate is so easy to enter the industry, he will not focus on the supermarket above. Doing real estate needs to involve too many things, Li Dong now nothing, rashly go in is looking for death. Do not look at his current small fortune, in fact, so little money thrown in even a wave will not float. Chen Rui saw a flash of light in his eyes and said, "What if we join forces?" Once these words came out, not only Chen Rui, Zhang Lan Yu, Wang Siwen and even Zhang Qing will fall on the eyes of Li Dong. Li Dong did not move his voice and said, "How to join hands?" "Land, approvals, qualifications, contacts we handle these, you are responsible for the rest." Li Dong kindly laughed: "To sum up, it's just one sentence, I'll pay for it, you guys will pay for it?" "Yes!" Li Dong laughed and shrugged, "Mr. Chen thinks too highly of me. I have a small fortune at most, and you guys can get more money than me with your casual connections, so there is no need to look for me at all." Chen Rui shook his head and said, "That's different, to be honest, it's not impossible to do that, but our old man has further hope, I love money, but also know that some money can not be touched." This statement makes Li Dong look at him highly, these guys look silly, but in fact the heart is shrewd. The country's money naturally can not just touch, who dare to guarantee that you can earn. Earned okay, just return it, but what if the loss? Not stabbed out okay, once the opponent caught the handle, then not to mention further, can retain the current position is difficult. But if the cooperation with Li Dong is different, they are out of the network is the relationship, the money is Li Dong. Earned everyone share, the loss of all Li Dong, they do not lose anything. Although there is no eating alone to earn more, but so do the security of ten times a hundred times higher, smart people will naturally choose to win-win cooperation. Li Dong pondered for a moment and asked again, "Why did you look for me?" This time it was Zhang Lanyu who replied, only to hear Zhang Lanyu's eyes light up and said, "To be honest, at first we didn't expect to find Mr. Li. The previous incidents were all caused by Qingzi's own initiative, but after the Baidu incident, we realized that Li was the most suitable candidate." Why the most suitable, because Li Dongguang has money and no connections. Want to do real estate, just money can not, just people can not. Several of them are relatively young in the second generation, the previous years have been low-key, not much capital. Li Dong is also the same, too young, too late to build a complex network of relationships. Cooperate with Li Dong, not only with the capital support, but also not afraid of his backlash, this is simply the best candidate for cooperation. Li Dong's eyes flashed and said, "Then how do the interests count?" "Four-six!" "I six you four?" Li Dong said with the corner of his mouth raised. Chen Rui laughed and said, "Mr. Li has a big appetite." Wang Siwen, who had not said anything, also said in a muffled voice: "Mr. Li, you are not the only choice, while our relationship is the only one." "Oh, I'll think about it." Li Dong gave a laugh and didn't continue. In fact, he was really a bit moved at first, but after that Li Dong also came back to his senses. This money is not so easy to earn, instead of seeking skin with a tiger, it is better to be self-reliant. Although real estate is profitable, but it does not necessarily make money than the supermarket, plus the guys have to share the spoils with these guys, so in the end may not be as much as the supermarket.