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Chapter 185 Tossing

  Out of the private room, Li Dong slightly relieved. Chen Rui a few people were discussing him, he was also looking for these second generation. Today's meal is rather passive, but the result seems to be quite good. First, Li Dong figured out the depths behind Zhang Qing, and then deal with the future will not be so bottomless. Second, and Zhang Qing's entanglement is not completely resolved, but the near future Zhang Qing should not come back to trouble. Although Zhang Qing looking for trouble he is not afraid, but more than one thing is better than less, Li Dong also do not want to stalk with him. Thirdly, Li Dong feels that the biggest gain, the land of Huafu has a play. The land of Huafu he wanted to take down earlier, and then because of the fear of getting into trouble, it was put down. Now there is an opportunity to look at the attitude of Chen Rui and those people, should be moved. Although it will cost a small price, but Li Dong does not care. He is not Chen Rui and them, want to take the land is certainly to spend money, the money to whom to earn is to earn, maybe from Chen Rui their hands to take the land can also be a little cheaper. Just thinking about things, Li Dong's ears suddenly came a familiar voice. Turned his head to look, Li Dong suddenly some crying and laughing. …… "Girl, I'm really sorry, sorry, are you okay?" Cao Fang looked at Lin Meng with a concerned face, took out a tissue to help Lin Meng wipe the oil stains on his body, full of apologies, "I blame my walk did not look ahead, look, the clothes are soiled." Lin Meng frowned, see the other party is not young, the heart is not angry, holding his breath and said, "It's okay, next time be more careful is." Saying so, but seeing her newly bought clothes get like this, Lin Meng was still heartbroken. Cao Fang said: "Look at the clothes are like this, how about I pay you one, how much do you pay for this clothes?" Lin Meng just want to speak, behind the Cao Feng said with a red face: "No need to pay, go back and wash it." Said Cao Feng also showed a pitiful expression, trying to ask his aunt not to make a fuss. Today he feels particularly unreliable, but his sister has spoken, he does not dare to refute, so he is now fearful. Cao Fang glared at him, this is she watched countless TV dramas summed up the experience, test people young girls most effective. Cao Fang was just about to speak when she heard someone next to her say, "Where are you guys going with this!" As soon as these words came through, everyone changed their faces. Cao Feng felt like he was going to be finished, and Cao Fang also stared at Li Dong with a sarcastic face. Li Dong touched his nose, his mother has seen too many dogma dramas, how to explain after making such a play. Now Lin Meng does not know okay, and so on later we are familiar with, how will the heart think. If she and Cao Feng became just, if not, Cao Feng may have complaints in his heart, his own mother still think too simple. At this time Lin Meng also recognized Li Dong, heard Li Dong words some suspicion: "Li Dong cousin, you ……" do not wait for her to ask, Li Dong laughed: "This time is really a coincidence, cousin sister-in-law still do not know my mother, right? " Said Li Dong pulled Cao Fang introduced: "This is my mother, I did not expect you guys just happened to run into each other." Lin Meng smiled a little confused, Li Dong's mother, that and Cao Feng should also be relatives, right? Some suspicious glanced at Cao Feng, only to see that Cao Feng's face was red and his head was covered with sweat. Seeing this, Li Dong smiled and said, "Cousin, this is my mother, your little aunt, you haven't seen each other for almost twenty years, originally I was thinking of having a meal together these two days, but I didn't expect you to run into each other, what a coincidence."