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Chapter 186 Parting Night

  The next day, Li Dong accompanied his parents and Cao Feng Lin Meng to have a meal together. ranwenw?ww?. At the dinner table Cao Fang to Lin Meng is greatly appreciated, but also made a point of saying yesterday's incident, said Lin Meng kind-hearted, do atmospheric. Lin Meng was said to be full of red face, but the heart is happy. The meal was a joyful one, and when it was time to break up, Cao Fang held Lin Meng's hand and refused to let go, insisting that she be invited to her home. Lin Meng said that she would not let go, but finally took a taxi under Cao Fang's reluctant gaze. After meeting Lin Meng, Cao Fang's old couple's mission to Pingchuan was also completed. In the evening, Cao Fang began to pack her luggage, ready to return to Dongping tomorrow. In the living room, Li Dong accompanied Li Chengyuan to talk. "Dad, you guys stay for a few more days is, so why so anxious to go back." Li Chengyuan shook his head and said, "There are still a bunch of things at home, and your mother is not at ease without someone to watch the supermarket, and my side of the stall has been closed for a few days, so if I don't go back old customers are running away." Seeing Li Dong still want to persuade, Li Chengyuan interrupted: "Other than that, you have to take care of yourself in Pingchuan." "Don't spend the money, don't rock the boat, do your business down-to-earth, don't do things that break the law." "Also, your girlfriend we will not see this time. Next time you have the opportunity, you bring back to us." "Your father I will not say what axiom, but do people have to stand up to their conscience, some things you have in mind on the line." …… this night, Li Chengyuan and Li Dong said a lot. Although all are some big words, but Li Dong is a lot of feelings. His own father may not have read many books, do not know what celebrity aphorisms, but he taught Li Dong is his experience and reasoning over the years. These words in addition to parents, I'm afraid there will not be a second person and Li Dong said. …… Li Dong sent off his parents before he had time to warm up with Qin Yuhan, he heard Qin Yuhan said he was going to the capital. Hearing the news, Li Dong rushed to the Qin family without stopping. The first time he saw Qin Yuhan, Li Dong hurriedly asked: "Why do you have to go back to school so soon? Is it because of my parents ……" Not waiting for him to finish, Qin Yuhan ranted: "What nonsense, and aunts and uncles have nothing to do with it, the school side to military training." When Qin Yuhan finished, Li Dong knew he had misunderstood. It turns out that the Beijing University military training is not the beginning of freshman year, but the end of freshman summer. Last year Qin Yuhan did not military training Li Dong knew, but this matter has passed a year, he also forgot, now Qin Yuhan mentioned, he remembered. Knowing that Qin Yuhan is leaving, Li Dong is full of reluctance. Qin Yuhan came back this time, the two of them alone time together really is not much. The first because of Qi Fangfang and the girls, the middle because of the stalking, and then his parents came, this series of factors down, he and Qin Yuhan alone time together is not more than a week. Now that Qin Yuhan is going back to school, Li Dong only feels full of regret. The next two days, Li Dong did not do anything, and just focus on accompanying Qin Yu Han around. 14 night, that is, the night before Qin Yu Han left. This night, Qin Yuhan did not go home, but stayed in Wanyuan. Late at night, Qin Yuhan still stayed in Li Dong's bedroom, accompanying Li Dong to talk. The two of them talked and talked, and their words gradually became less and less. Li Dong felt a bit dry-mouthed and wanted to speak several times, but did not know what to say. Qin Yuhan is also the same, face flushed, not even dare to look at Li Dong. After a while, Li Dong said dryly, "Relatives gone?" Qin Yuhan glared at him, and then nodded gently. Li Dong heart some excitement, and asked: "So what, the day is also late, why do not we sleep?"