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Chapter 187 - For Sale

  The day after Qin Yuhan left, Zhang Lan Yu called to ask Li Dong to have coffee together. Li Dong knew that the coffee was a fake, it should be that Chen Rui several people had already made a decision. In the cafe, when Li Dong arrived, Zhang Lan Yu had already arrived first. When Li Dong was seated, Zhang Lan Yu smiled and said, "What can I drink?" "The same as you, thanks." Li Dong said indifferently. Zhang Langyu smiled and said to the waiter, "Another latte." When the waiter left, Zhang Langyu asked, "Mr. Li, I heard that Yuanfang has recently borrowed 60 million from CCB?" This kind of thing can't be hidden from people, and Li Dong didn't want to hide it, so he nodded and didn't say anything. Seeing this, Zhang Lan Yu did not ask further questions, but talked with Li Dong about trivial matters. The two of them drank coffee while chatting about random things. From the interesting things in the circle to the future economy of Pingchuan, from the economic development to the international war. Li Dong was not under any pressure, just chatting casually. Zhang Lan Yu also did not move, but in his heart cursed Li Dong really know how to pretend to be an elephant. After about half an hour, Zhang Lan Yu finally crossed the line and said: "Mr. Li, I'm sorry to be frank. Before that, Yuanfang was ready to invest in the construction of stores in Pingchuan, involving hundreds of millions of dollars. Now you want to take the land of Huafu, does Yuanfang have this ability?" Li Dong smiled lightly and said, "I don't need to bother Miss Zhang on this point, Yuanfang has sufficient funds, I think it should not be a big problem." Zhang Lan Yu embroidered eyebrows slightly frowned, these days they did not do nothing. They have done some investigation and understanding of Yuanfang's situation, the current Yuanfang is not to say that the empty shell, cash flow is certainly not much. The 60 million Yuanfang borrowed from the CCB is ready to invest in stores, where does Li Dong have the courage to say that the money is not bad? The land in Huafu is not cheap, Li Dong's Baidu stock is not out for the time being, it is difficult not to Li Dong can still turn out money? Or is it that Li Dong is going to put down the store piece for the time being and prepare to take the land of Huafu with all his might? When Li Dong saw her lost in thought, he smiled and didn't bother her. The reason why Zhang Lan Yu was confused was because she did not understand the supermarket's business model. If we talk about the past, Li Dong definitely could not get so much money to buy the land. But he has now opened more than a dozen branches, Fucheng side is a monthly turnover of 160 million. With more and more outlets, more and more turnover each month, this side of the far side can retain more and more money for goods naturally. Supermarkets are like this, the bigger they get, the less money they have. When the Tong Shan side of the store began to operate, Li Dong will not be short of money, not to mention the profit, just the payment Li Dong can come up with a large sum of money. Under normal circumstances, Li Dong is not willing to move this money, but to really have an emergency, Li Dong draw a 30 to 50 million out of no difficulty at all. Zhang Lan Yu can not understand it is not bothered to think, anyway, Li Dong has no money will soon be able to know. If Li Dong did not even promise to lend them the money to buy the land, then what to talk about later is empty talk. Zhang Langyu also does not beat around the bush, said directly: "Last time Mr. Li said things, we have considered can cooperate with Mr. Li, but ……" "Miss Zhang has something to say, just say it." Li Dong saw the situation and smiled and echoed a sentence. Zhang Langyu stroked her loose hair and continued, "But Mr. Li must first lend us thirty-five million in advance, and this money must arrive as soon as possible, the supply and marketing agency side can hardly be delayed." This is the condition that Li Dong negotiated with them last time, Li Dong naturally nothing unexpected, nodded and said, "Yes." Seeing Zhang Lanyu's face showing joy, Li Dong's mouth curled up slightly and smiled, "But we have to sign an agreement." "What kind of agreement?" "The transfer agreement, when you get the land, this land must be transferred to Yuanfang."