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Chapter 188: Aspiration to win

  Global Building, Far Far Away Headquarters. Meeting room. Sun Tao frowned and said, "Mr. Li, the land in Huafu is not a top priority, I don't think it's necessary to take the land in such a hurry. It's not the best time to build the headquarters yet, both store construction and distribution center are more important than the headquarters, it's not cost effective to accumulate too much money on it." Shen Xi, who was authorized to attend the meeting, also said, "I agree with Mr. Sun's opinion! Now the land in Huafu has been speculated to 100 million by several real estate developers, we want to take it down will not be lower than this amount. Plus the construction of the headquarters that Mr. Li said, before and after spending nearly two hundred million, the return on this investment is too low." When they both finished, the marketing director retorted, "I don't think so!" "Let's not talk about the headquarters, let's talk about this piece of land. Last month, a piece of land was also auctioned near Washington, and the price per acre was over two million. If we can get this piece of land for 100 million, we actually still make a profit." "Yes, and now the price of housing is rising, I think there is still room for land prices to rise, so try to take it in advance if you can." "You guys don't put the cart before the horse, we are in retail not real estate, investing too much in this is a waste of both energy and money!" "……" There are two sides to everything, there are those who oppose and naturally there are those who agree. The two sides in the meeting room argued endlessly, and Li Dong did not intervene. When the noise from both sides gradually subsided, Li Dong opened his mouth and said, "I am determined to get the land in Huafu." Li Dong's first sentence made Sun Tao frown, but several people did not say anything. Since Li Dong had made up his mind, it was useless for them to say anything. Then Li Dong said: "But I only take the land, the headquarters is not urgent, slow to say." Now everyone understood Li Dong's meaning, this is ready to hoard land. However, there are still many people do not understand, a few dozen acres of land, spending so much money to hoard land is worth it? You know that even if you just take the land, it will not be less than 100 million dollars. If this money will stay, can do a lot of things, now the money backlog in this piece of land, really some incomprehensible. Li Dong also did not explain, the reason why he strongly contributed to the cooperation with Chen Rui a few people is naturally for a reason. On the one hand, building the Yuanfang headquarters was one of Li Dong's long-held dreams. On the other hand, it is because the land in Huafu is not taken now, wait another six months, the price will be doubled. Is really doubled, because after October, the provincial government will determine the roadmap of the Pingchuan subway line 1, the land of the Huafu is an important lot site of the subway line 1. Once the roadmap is determined, the price of this piece of land will certainly skyrocket, Li Dong take down in advance can save a considerable amount of expenditure. He was not prepared to hoard land to develop real estate to get rich, Li Dong is really fancy this piece of land to build headquarters, since it can be taken at minimal cost Li Dong naturally will not let go. Of course, these things Li Dong now say out and not many people will believe, he did not bother to explain. Expressing his attitude, Li Dong continued, "The land matter will be handed over to Sun and Shen Xi and Liu Qi assistant jointly responsible for, Chen Rui side you go to talk." Seeing Li Dong mention herself, Shen Xi was a little surprised, then she was a little embarrassed: "Mr. Li, I don't go?" Li Dong glanced at her and said indifferently, "No, but you don't have to attend such high-level meetings in the future, you can't play any role anyway." Shen Xi smiled, her face was purple, glared at him fiercely, hummed and stopped talking. Li Dong kindly smiled, let Shen Xi to talk to Chen Rui and the others, naturally not his whim. Sun Tao has always thought that Shen Xi has a background, this time let Shen Xi and Chen Rui, their second generation meeting, Li Dong can see what Shen Xi is really from. If Shen Xi did not have a background, then Li Dong did not lose anything.