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Chapter 189: Not willing to be a vase

  Li Dong is busy, far away in the capital city of Qin Yuhan also did not idle. Just after returning to school from the military training base at noon, Qin Yuhan put down her luggage and was ready to go out. The tanned Qi Fangfang saw this and hurriedly followed, asking, "Yuhan, where are you going?" Qin Yuhan said, "Go out for a walk." Qi Fangfang looked suspicious, since he came back from summer vacation, Qin Yuhan seems to have changed as if he is a different person, he is always out and about. The previous military training, Qin Yuhan often find the opportunity to run outside, and recently not much with the girls together in common. Qi Fangfang was a little upset and asked, "Are you still a sister? Are you hiding something from us?" Qin Yuhan is a bit torn, for this reason: "Fangfang ……" "Forget it, you do not want to say, do not say. But if you have difficulties ……" Qi Fangfang said half of the words and stopped, Qin Yuhan has difficulties also do not need their help, Li Dong that tycoon is still there. Thinking of Li Dong, Qi Fangfang said with some suspicion: "Li Dong came to the capital?" Qin Yuhan shook her head and said, "He's been busy lately." Qi Fangfang's mouth suddenly opened wide and said with a shocked face, "You can't be?" Qin Yuhan said with a face full of confusion, "What won't?" Qi Fangfang took a look at the corridor of people coming and going, did not say anything, pulled Qin Yuhan and went towards the entrance of the safe passage. When they reached the stairway, Qi Fangfang said with a serious face, "Yuhan, are you talking about a new boyfriend? What did Li Dong say, did you break up or did you hide it from him?" Qin Yuhan was a bit dumbfounded, and then she said angrily, "What nonsense! If you talk nonsense again, I'll tear your mouth off!" "Really not?" Qi Fangfang is still full of doubt, if it is not in love, Qin Yuhan need to run away from home twice a day? And also hide from them, Qin Yuhan in the capital and do not know a few people, where else can go. Qin Yuhan said: "You do not nonsense, then nonsense we do not even have to do friends!" Qi Fangfang was relieved to see this and laughed: "Don't be angry, it's good that it's not. To be honest, Li Dong really good, authentic diamond king a, you do not mess around." Since she went to Li Dong's company last time in Pingchuan, Qi Fangfang was full of admiration for Li Dong, a twenty year old billionaire is not that easy to come by. But what she admires even more is Li Dong's big spending, more than seventy million invested in Baidu stocks. A while ago, the media was abuzz, others did not know that this Li Dong is the other Li Dong, but she was aware of it clearly. Because of the matter of Baidu stock, Qi Fangfang did not sleep well for a few days. The young and rich, people are also not ugly, to the girlfriend is also a single-minded, such a man is simply too rare. Qi Fangfang really wants Qin Yuhan and Li Dong to have a good outcome, so this is why a reminder. Of course, she is not without selfishness. Qin Yuhan and her relationship is the best, if Qin Yuhan and Li Dong can really become, she can also lend a hand later. The students of Beijing University are not worried about work, but Qi Fangfang does not want to work for others for the rest of her life. Whether you want to start your own business or find a good job, it never hurts to have a relationship with a rich person like Li Dong. Qin Yuhan hummed and said, "Next time I'll be really angry if you talk nonsense." Qi Fangfang smiled at that and hurriedly comforted a few words. The two of them talked for a while before Qin Yuhan said, "I'll go first, I still have things to do." "Yu Han, what is it? Still need to hide it from me?" Qi Fangfang couldn't help but be curious and asked once again in a voice. Qin Yuhan was torn for a moment, thought about it, there is nothing to hide, nodded: "You come with me!" …… near the east gate of Beijing University. Looking at the small store being renovated, Qi Fangfang was a little surprised and said, "You said you took this store down?" Qin Yuhan nodded, some excitement: "Yes, I want to open a dessert store, business can certainly fire!" Qi Fangfang frowned and didn't say anything, and went into the store and turned around. The store is not big, about thirty square feet, although not completely decorated, the interior is not decorated, but Qi Fangfang looked over the feeling is not bad. Not bad, but Qi Fangfang is still not optimistic: "Is this your idea or Li Dong's idea?" "I thought of it myself, Li Dong he does not know." Upon hearing that Li Dong did not know, Qi Fangfang was even less optimistic and frowned: "Why didn't you discuss with Li Dong before opening the store?" "Opening a store is not as simple as you think, just have a store is not. Dessert master you find? Sophomore year we are also busy with our studies, who do you find to help you look after the store? Also, do you know anything about the dessert making process? Have you done any market research? Have you thought about how to deal with competitors messing up ……"