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Chapter 190 - Li Dong is really sinister

  ♂, Pingchuan. Universal Building. Hanging up the phone call with Qin Yuhan, Li Dong was still a bit puzzled. "What's wrong with this girl today this is?" Li Dong mumbled, feeling somewhat baffled. Qin Yuhan suddenly called today to ask him about the history of his business, and also asked in particular detail, causing Li Dong thought Qin Yuhan was ready to give himself a biography. The first time I saw him, I was thinking about Qin Yuhan's purpose when a knock on the door woke Li Dong up. "Come in!" Zhou Haidong pushed the door in, and when he saw Li Dong, he said, "Mr. Li, the location has been found." Li Dong reacted for a moment before remembering that it was Wang Jia's matter. Thinking that Wang Jia's mother was about to have an operation, Li Dong hurriedly said, "Where is the person?" Zhou Haidong coughed dryly and said with a bitter smile, "Mr. Li, we can only be sure that Miss Wang is in the Zhongguancun area, and we can't be sure exactly where she is." "Zhongguancun?" Li Dong froze for a moment, really coincidental, Wang Jia actually ran to Zhongguancun. But now is not the time to think about this, Li Dong asked: "Since we know in Zhongguancun, still can not find people?" Zhongguancun is not small, but the intention to find a person should still be able to find. Zhou Haidong said helplessly, "Mr. Li, the capital is too far away, we have the heart but not the strength." No matter how small the place is, it always requires manpower to find a person. The far side has no roots in the capital, even to find the source of those few landline phones, it is also Zhou Haidong entrusted people to do. The phone is good to check, looking for people is not so easy. Wang Jia is not a celebrity, the flow of people in the capital is so large, although probably sure Wang Jia in Zhongguancun, but it is difficult to find Wang Jia just by a few people. Li Dong frowned slightly, thought: "Then let the private detective to find, as soon as possible to find people, do not be afraid to spend money." Wang Jia's mother is about to undergo surgery, if Wang Jia is not here, this will be a lot more trouble. What's more, Wang Jia did not come back, Wang Jia's mother is not willing to operate, Li Dong can not force her to go to the operating table. Hearing Li Dong say so, Zhou Haidong hurriedly responded. As long as you are willing to spend money and also determine the general area, it is still not difficult to find Wang Jia. Zhou Haidong had just left, and Liu Qi followed him in the door. As soon as he saw Liu Qi, Li Dong's face looked a little strange. Shouldn't Liu Qi be in negotiations now? Did Liu Qi miss work, or did he forget to take something? Seeing that Liu Qi was a bit distracted, Li Dong coughed and asked, "How are the negotiations going?" Only then did Liu Qi return to his senses, looking a bit odd, and only after a long time did he say, "The negotiations." "What do you mean?" Li Dong was a bit confused, what do you mean you don't know what to say. Negotiation is nothing but success and failure, today is only the first time to talk with Chen Rui and them, even if the negotiation is not completed, there is no need to be like this. Liu Qi organized the language: "This is too strange, we have met with the Chengrui Real Estate side, but just met, Chengrui Real Estate's boss ran away." "Ran away?" Li Dong scratched his head, what does this mean? Feeling more and more confused, Li Dong asked, "What do you mean ran away?" Chengrui real estate is Chen Rui, they get the purse company, although the legal person is not Chen Rui, but this negotiation should be Chen Rui himself to go. But Chen Rui actually ran away, what rhythm is this? Liu Qi also cried and laughed, helplessly said: "We do not know what the situation, at first the Chen side is still very polite, but for good reason Chen with the evil like, directly left, did not even leave a message."