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Chapter 191 - Generosity

  On September 1, Jiangda University started school. Walking on the forest path of the campus, looking at the campus crowded, Li Dong was like a world away. Originally he also had the idea of dropping out of school, but Li Chengyuan's words were to dispel Li Dong's thoughts. Old Li said, the Li family up to eight generations, but also did not produce a scholar. To Li Dong this generation, it is easy to come out of a college student, even if the money can not drop out of school! Li Don how much money Li Cheng Yuan do not care, he only knows that even if one day Li Don no money, rely on this diploma can still mix a meal. Li Dong actually wants to tell his dad that having a diploma doesn't necessarily mean that he can make a living. But think about it, Li Dong did not refute the words of the old man, since Mom and Dad let themselves study, then they will continue to go to school, anyway, and can not delay much work. …… first thing to school, Li Dong is to see Huang Zhigao. If he is not ready to continue to go to school is just, since ready to continue on, Dean Huang Zhigao still want to see a meeting. Huang Zhigao gave him face before, passed all the courses last semester, Li Dong started the school if not to meet the dean, how can not say. Because the school just started, Huang Zhigao is also very busy. When Li Dong arrived, Huang Zhigao was busy giving lectures to several teachers. Seeing Li Dong standing at the door, Huang Zhigao was still a little confused and paused his lecture to ask, "What's up, student?" He and Li Dong had only talked on the phone and had never met. Although he had read Li Dong's information and seen Li Dong's photo, but the current Li Dong has changed a lot from the time when the photo was taken, Huang Zhigao did not recognize it for a while. Li Dong smiled and said, "Dean Huang, I am Li Dong." "Li Dong?" "Li Dong!" Huang Zhigao first reacted for a moment, and then immediately knew who Li Dong was! Who else could there be other than the distant Li Dong who could tell him so confidently that his name was Li Dong. Huang Zhigao immediately showed a smile, warmly said: "So it is Li Dong is here, please sit!" Said remembered that there are outsiders in the office, and quickly to the two dumbfounded new teachers said: "You go back first, the new students reception thing you pay more attention to snacks, do not make mistakes." The two new teachers nodded their heads, although they were curious about why this student named Li Dong made the dean so enthusiastic, but they still understood not to ask what should not be asked. In the School of Economics and Management, Huang Zhigao is the sky. Although there is a secretary of the party committee above, but that is a show, Huang Zhigao is the veritable college brother. Before leaving, the two new teachers also took a deep look at Li Dong, as if they wanted to see what difference Li Dong had. Li Dong did not care and smiled at the two young teachers. When they left, Li Dong smiled and said, "Dean Huang, I've disturbed you." Huang Zhigao also laughed, "It's okay, I'm just blindly busy, to say busy, I'm afraid I'm not as busy as you." Both of them laughed at the same time, and then Li Dong didn't be polite, followed Huang Zhigao to the next meeting area and sat down together. As the largest college of Jiangda University, the treatment of the dean was not ordinary. Huang Zhigao's office is not smaller than Li Dong's, in addition to the normal office, the meeting area, small conference room, rest room, everything. The two sat down, first exchanged a few pleasantries. Then Huang Zhigao lamented, "Jiangda University has produced many talents over the years, but to say that most of these people have come to the fore after graduation, and you are the first one who really succeeded in the student era." Li Dong modestly said, "Dean praise, I can only say that I have small achievements at most, far from success." Huang Zhigao laughed: "If you are not successful, then there are not many people who can be called successful in these years at Jiangda University."