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Chapter 192 Coincidental Encounter

  Jiangda University campus is very large, but sometimes it also seems small. The school of tens of thousands of people, met several acquaintances one after another, Li Dong had to feel that fate came to block can not be stopped. Of course, Chen Fang did not feel that he and Li Dong have fate. When he saw Li Dong, Chen Fang's eyes simply hate to eat Li Dong. "Li, it's not the wrong person, I finally let me catch you!" Chen Fang gritted his teeth and said fiercely, "It's time to settle our scores!" Li Dong did not pay attention to him, but looked at the man next to him and said with a smile, "Mr. Chen, your family relatives?" A head of white hair Chen Rui in the crowd is particularly conspicuous, passing the little girls from time to time cast attention to the gaze. Chen Rui did not care, saw Li Dong asked, then lightly said: "Life is nowhere, Mr. Li, it seems that we are quite destined to meet." After listening to their conversation, Chen Fang realized that Li Dong and Chen Rui actually knew each other. With a sinking heart, Chen Fang looked at Chen Rui and said, "Brother, you know each other?" Chen Rui can and Chen Rui know are not ordinary people, Chen rest assured that there are kicks, is the surname Li and what other big sources? Chen Rui glanced at him, nodded, and then said, "You go ahead and do your work, I'll talk with Mr. Li." Chen relieved reluctantly went away, heart is apprehensive and angry, this surnamed Li in the end what is the origin? Since he was beaten up by Li Dong last time, then he was set up in the sports field, and then Huang Shanshan and he split up, Chen assuredly hated Li Dong. The original encounter with Li Dong, because there is Chen Rui in, his heart has the strength, want to retaliate, the results did not expect Li Dong and Chen Rui actually know. …… As soon as Chen Fang left, Chen Rui immediately put down his reserve. Staring at Li Dong with a light hum, Chen Rui gritted his teeth and said, "Mr. Li, Yin enough, and I play this set!" Li Dong touched his nose and said helplessly, "Mr. Chen, if I say misunderstanding, do you believe me?" Chen Rui grunted, clearly not believing. Misunderstanding? Can bring Shen Xi to negotiate how can it be a misunderstanding, Chen Rui believe him to be a ghost. Li Dong sighed, why is it that no one always believes the truth. Forget it, since Chen Rui is sure that he and Shen Xi have a relationship, then he will reluctantly admit it. Seeing people coming and going by the side of the road, Li Dong pointed to a public seat not far away and said, "Mr. Chen, sit down for a while and let's talk a little?" Chen Rui actually wants to talk with Li Dong, the land he really does not want to just let go. The land he really did not want to let go of. Moreover, if they work together, they may not be able to defeat Shen Xi. But Chen Rui still has not made up his mind, really for this piece of land and Shen Xi fight to the death is not worth it. Since Li Dong wanted to talk, Chen Rui also wanted to hear what he had to say. After all, to really fight up, Li Dong also can not benefit, that piece of land finally cheap who can not say. …… two people sit down, Li Dong did not rush to talk about the land, but curious: "Chen Fang is your brother?" Chen Rui's identity he already knew, the son of the provincial party secretary's family, in Jiangbei is considered a high position of power. If Chen Fang is the son of the Chen family, last time he was beaten up by himself actually did not come to retaliate against himself, that can only say that Chen Fang is not a dude, but generous. But look at just Chen Rui's attitude toward Chen Fang, Li Dong think should not be a close brother, even if it is the Chen family, should only be a relative of the kind. Chen Rui glanced at him and knew what Li Dong meant. Just now Chen Fang met Li Dong saber-rattling he saw, the two have a problem. But Chen Rui is too lazy to care about these idle matters, said casually: "My cousin uncle's son, a child, Mr. Li and he has ** part." "Why do I feel that Mr. Chen's words are not right, is it because Mr. Chen thinks that I am also a child?" Li Dong said smilingly. Chen Rui hummed and did not pay attention to him, Chen in his eyes is a child, Li Dong is not. Especially after this incident, Chen Rui more dare not underestimate this guy. Can become a billionaire not a few good stubble, before Chen Rui they still think Li Dong luck than strength, now it seems that this guy's strength is not weak.