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Chapter 194 - House Leakage in the Night

  After talking about Shen Xi, Sun Tao asked again, "Mr. Li, can the payment for the land be paid in installments?" In addition to the thirty-five million Li Dong took out, this time, forty-five million will be added. This is not a small amount, using such a large sum of money, Sun Tao some hesitation. Before and after taking out eighty million, Yuanfang had to bear a lot of pressure. If the store in Pingchuan had not been built, it would not be difficult for Yuan to take out 80 million, but now that the full coverage plan for the Pingchuan store is also in effect, this will put enormous pressure on Yuan. Li Dong nodded and said, "Pay in full, and take care of the land before it's too late." Li Dong is also afraid that the night is too long, if it continues to drag on, it is not good that Chen Rui they can receive the news, if they know the subway line, it is not good that these people are going to make a mishap. And these two generations are now in urgent need of money, Li Dong want to drag them will not agree. Sun Tao nodded at the words did not continue. Next to Liu Qi and Sun Tao finished before saying: "General Li, Copper Mountain stores are scheduled to open on September 8, how do you see the arrangements?" "Mr. Sun will preside over the opening ceremony." "Right, the city government of TongShan may also send someone, Mr. Sun remember to bring Shen Xi." Sun Tao somewhat understand Li Dong's meaning, smiled and nodded in response. Then the two discussed a few more words, Sun Tao and Liu Qi then out of the office. When the two of them went out, Zhou Haidong pushed the door and came in and said, "Mr. Li, we found the person!" Li Dong breathed a long sigh of relief, finally Wang Jia was found! "What do you say? When will you be back?" Zhou Haidong shook his head and said, "The situation is a little bad, Miss Wang is now in the hospital, the doctor said the fever is a little confused, it is not suitable to move now." Li Dong stood up abruptly and frowned: "How can this be?" "The hospital side said that the fever is caused by the rain, now began to pneumonia transformation, these days have been in the infusion, although the situation is somewhat better, but the high fever still did not go down, the doctor said that the fever does not go down again, people are afraid of some danger." "So serious!" Li Dong was shocked, if Wang Jia also had an accident, the Wang family will really be finished. The house leakage, Wang Jia actually fell ill at this juncture, no wonder he had not contacted the Pingchuan side. Li Dong frowned and wandered around a few times, then he said, "Make arrangements, I need to go to the capital." "Okay, I'll arrange it right away." Zhou Haidong nodded his head. …… Money is good these days. Li Dong decided to go to the capital, and at about three o'clock that afternoon, Li Dong stood on the land of the capital. Out of the airport, Li Dong and his group of three recruited a cab and rushed to the North Medical Hospital. Just after arriving at the entrance of the hospital, Li Dong received a call from Fang Qingfei. On the phone, Fang Qingfei asked him why he didn't go to the class meeting. Li Dong made some perfunctory remarks, not mentioning Wang Jia's matter, and finally dismissed Fang Qingfei. At the service desk, Li Dong asked for a while and found out Wang Jia's ward, so he went straight to the inpatient department. As a result, before he reached Wang Jia's ward, Li Dong heard a loud noise coming from Wang Jia's ward. Li Dong frowned slightly, this environment is too bad, so noisy actually doctors do not care, how the patient rest. But looking at the flow of people coming and going, Li Dong helplessly shook his head, so many people, doctors want to control can not manage. Li Dong also did not meddle in the matter, straight towards Wang Jia's ward. Just into the ward, Li Dong was stunned by the people inside. This is not a ward, it is almost like a tea party scene, a dozen women are knocking melons sitting in the ward chatting loudly.