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Chapter 195 - Heart Fire

  ♂, the moment she opened her eyes, Wang Jia saw Li Dong. Not caring how Li Dong was here, Wang Jia hoarse voice eagerly said, "Where is my mother?" The last time she spoke with Fang Qingfei, Wang Jia knew that her mother's health was not going to hold up. When she heard Li Dong mention her mother again, Wang Jia had a bad guess in her heart and her eyes turned red. Li Dong saw the situation and hurriedly said: "Auntie is fine, you take it easy!" Hearing Li Dong's words, Wang Jia's mood was suddenly relieved, followed by a feeling of weakness, limp on the bed and silent tears. The attending physician who was talking with Li Dong did not stay any longer, turned around and gently closed the door and left the room. Li Dong saw Wang Jia in tears, silent choking, and did not know how to persuade. After a while, Wang Jia stopped choking, rubbed her eyes and said in a low voice, "Thank you." Li Dong saw her speak, slightly relieved and said, "You're welcome, your fever is not yet gone, don't get too emotional." Wang Jia nodded gently and did not speak again. Li Dong sighed in his heart, the current Wang Jia had changed too much from before. Not the change in appearance, but in personality. The former Wang Jia was enthusiastic and cheerful, quirky; the current Wang Jia is silent and depressed in the heart. Li Dong still remembers when he first met Wang Jia, this girl behind his back to make a face expression, was fired after scolding the manager is a bald, confidently refused his own solicitation. And now, in just half a year, things are different. A comparison of the two phases, Li Dong wonder if this is considered mature. Unfortunately, this maturity pays too high a price. The two were silent for a moment, before Wang Jia said in a hoarse voice: "Why are you here?" "Fang Qingfei couldn't contact you, and your mother was worried about you, so I came looking for you. Why haven't you called them in the past few days?" This is where Li Dong was puzzled, Wang Jia was not unconscious, a phone call was still possible. Wang Jia bit her lips and did not say anything. Li Dong did not ask further questions, he knew Wang Jia was afraid of hearing bad news. After all, Wang Jia is not clear about Fang Qingfei's search for his own money, Wang Jia should be worried that her mother can not hold out. Li Dong sighed softly, did not continue this topic, said: "your mother's side you do not worry, fast if you can operate in the next two days, when the operation is over aunt recuperate for a period of time can be discharged." Wang Jia heard the words and hurriedly looked towards Li Dong, his dead eyes showed a touch of brilliance, excitedly said, "Really?" "Really." Wang Jia immediately couldn't help but cry again, this time not a silent sob, but a bawling cry. These days she was really repressed too hard, now hearing the news that her mother was still saved, Wang Jia finally could not help it. Li Dong did not see the situation to persuade, but relieved. The doctor said Wang Jia depressed in the heart, the heart fire is difficult to calm, the reason why this period of time repeatedly high fever and this mouth heart fire related. Now she cried out, half of the heart fire, the next illness should be able to heal faster. Wang Jia may also be repressed hard, perhaps for too long, this cry is more than ten minutes. When crying are no tears to flow, Wang Jia gradually calmed down. After crying, Wang Jia also regained her wits and asked, "Is the operation fee yours?" She had asked the doctor about her mother's illness, and the operation would take at least several hundred thousand dollars, which Fang Qingfei certainly did not have, plus Li Dong found himself, Wang Jia immediately guessed that it was Li Dong who paid the money.