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Chapter 196 - Burned and confused

  ♂, perhaps want to get better quickly, dinner Wang Jia ate a lot. Even if there is no appetite, Wang Jia also forced himself to swallow. Li Dong saw her eating like eating poison, shook his head and did not say anything, until Wang Jia wanted to eat the third bowl, Li Dong said: "almost on the line, don't be sick to death." Wang Jia gave him a blank look, but put down the bowl and chopsticks. Li Dong looked at the time and said, "It's late, I won't accompany you. I'll leave Lao Zhou behind for the night, if you need anything, you can find him, he's right outside the door." Wang Jia smiled, her face dimmed, and shook her head, "No need, I can take care of myself, just ask the nurse if you really need something." Li Dong also felt that it was inconvenient to leave a big man down, but he was new to the city, and it was hard to find a companion for a while. After thinking about it, he said, "I'd rather let old Zhou stay, he won't enter the door, just squat outside for the night." Wang Jia wanted to say more, Li Dong waved his hand and said, "That's it, tomorrow I'll ask the doctor if I can move, if not, tomorrow I'll find a chaperone." Wang Jia was silent for a moment and said, "Thank you." "Don't thank me, I'm embarrassed to thank you." Li Dong laughed, got up and cleaned up the dishes, and said, "Rest more by yourself, and call me if you encounter something that Old Zhou can't handle." Wang Jia nodded. When Li Dong was about to go out, Wang Jia suddenly said, "Where are you going tonight?" "To Beijing University, my girlfriend is there." Li Dong said casually. Wang Jia originally to the mouth words swallowed hard back, sullenly said: "Then you go." Once Li Dong left, Wang Jia suddenly covered her head with the quilt. Only after a long time did Wang Jia mutter, "Wang Jia, you are so shameless!" She was thinking before that Li Dong was helping herself so much if she had any idea about herself, she just asked Li Dong where he was going, if he didn't say he was going to find his girlfriend, what she wanted to say was for Li Dong to stay with her at night. But when Li Dong said to go find a girlfriend, Wang Jia suddenly felt a little groundless. For Li Dong, hundreds of thousands of dollars may just see her pity, so help her out. She thinks of herself as too important, not to mention that she is not worth hundreds of thousands, with so much money, Li Dong want to find what kind of woman did not. Thinking about it, Wang Jia is even more flushed, she actually thought of her own body, must have just been their own brains were burned confused. …… Beijing gate. Li Dong just get off the car to see a figure rushed over, before Li Dong reacted to feel the lips were blocked. Li Dong sucked hard for a while, and only then wrapped his arm around the panting Qin Yuhan and laughed: "The sun came out of the west, so enthusiastic?" This treatment is the first time, in the past, even if Qin Yuhan misses him again, she will not kiss himself in front of outsiders. But today is really a miracle, Qin Yuhan actually took the initiative to offer a kiss, causing Li Dong thought he was mistaken for someone else. Qin Yuhan's face was flushed, and she was so ashamed that she wanted to find a hole in the ground to go in. She does not know what happened to her, just saw Li Dong a moment, suddenly had the impulse to kiss him. So she did not even think about it, and when the kiss was over, Qin Yuhan remembered that it was in front of the school. In addition to Li Dong out of the sound of joking, Qin Yu Han now want to die of the heart have. Li Dong saw the situation and laughed, regardless of the eyes of others, wrapped his arms around Qin Yuhan and a hot kiss. Qin Yuhan could not easily get rid of Li Dong, gasping for breath and snapped: "Want to die, many people." Li Dong laughed: "This is you kissed me first, I suffered a loss, always have to find the field to do."