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Chapter 197 Merit and Virtue

  ♂, the next day. When Li Dong opened his eyes, Qin Yuhan was tiptoeing around to get dressed. Li Dong yawned and said, "Why are you up so early?" "I have classes in the morning, I have to go back to school later." "Take a day off." "The class in the morning is very important, I can't ask for it." Qin Yuhan finished seeing Li Dong a little lost, leaned over and kissed him, smiling playfully, "I'll come to you after class." Li Dong thought about it and said, "I have something to do in the morning, if it goes well, I may have to go back to Pingchuan in the afternoon." This time it was Qin Yuhan's turn to be lost and asked, "Can't you stay one more day?" "It depends, maybe I can't leave today." Li Dong didn't know if Wang Jia could go on the road today, if he could, he would have to leave today. Wang Jia's mother is still waiting for surgery, although Li Dong can not let Qin Yuhan, but also can not drag time, now Wang Jia's mother's health is getting worse every day, the sooner you go back the sooner the day of surgery, Li Dong is not so deliberate to drag time. Hearing Li Dong say so, Qin Yu Han did not persuade, but only urged: "If you go back, give me a call, take care of yourself on the way." Li Dong nodded and got up to get dressed. After eating breakfast, Li Dong sent Qin Yuhan back to school, and only then turned to the hospital. …… North Medical Hospital. "Director Chen, do you think it's okay for her to fly in this situation now?" "If things are not urgent, I suggest that it is better to recuperate for a few more days, if it is really urgent, being careful should also be possible." Hearing the doctor's words, Wang Jia breathed a sigh of relief and said to Li Dong Dong, "I can do it, Li Dong, let's go back this afternoon." Li Dong considered for a moment, and seeing Wang Jia's face full of eagerness, he finally nodded his head. When Zhou Haidong finished the discharge procedures, Wang Jia urged to hurry up and get on the road. Li Dong laughed: "It's still early, the flight is at 1:30 pm, it's a waste to go to the airport now." Li Dong said: "You can rest in the hospital for a while, I'll go out to do something." Wang Jia asked, "To see your girlfriend?" Li Dong nodded, although Qin Yuhan said a phone call would do, but Li Dong felt it was better to go to see one side. Besides, he went back to Pingchuan this time, and he didn't know when he would come back to the capital next time. Wang Jia did not say anything else, waiting for Li Dong to go, Wang Jia only softly said: "Brother Zhou, have you met Li Dong's girlfriend?" Zhou Haidong nodded and said in a muffled voice, "Seen." "Is it pretty?" Zhou Haidong thought about it and nodded again, "Pretty." "How pretty?" Zhou Haidong was a bit dumbfounded and said dryly, "That, that ……" Wang Jia laughed and didn't pursue the question again. Zhou Haidong slightly relieved, secretly said these days the bodyguard is also not good, should have known that he followed Mr. Li, let Cao Hongbing stay with the escort on the good. …… got off the plane, Li Dong took a long breath. Wang Jia body bottom is quite good, a road despite some discomfort, but nothing serious. The two days back and forth, finally got the person back, Li Dong feel that they really merit this time. Just thinking about it, Wang Jia said somewhat weakly: "Li Dong, thank you for this time." Li Dong waved his hand and laughed: "Don't be polite with me, it's a handy thing." Wang Jia saw the situation and did not continue, some thanks need to be put in the heart, the mouth is no use even if the words are good.