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Chapter 198: Re-thinking Power Sharing

  Sending Wang Jia to Cao Yu's place to settle down, Li Dong finally breathed a sigh of relief. When Cao Yu sent Li Dong out, she asked in a low voice, "Dongzi, is this younger sibling?" "No, a friend." Seeing Li Dong say so, Cao Yu stopped asking. Li Dong went downstairs and said to Zhou Haidong and Cao Hongbing, "You are also tired in these two days, go back and rest, and come back after three days of vacation." Zhou Haidong hurriedly said, "I'm fine, Mr. Li, just let Cao rest for a few days." Cao Hongbing smiled and immediately said: "I do not need, what is this, in the army ……" did not wait for him to finish Li Dong interrupted: "Come on, do not talk about your army, listen to you say so, I feel that the army than the black coal kiln Even more cruel." Cao Hongbing smiled, did not have the heart to answer. Zhou Haidong laughed and said to Li Dong, "Don't listen to Cao's nonsense, the hard days when he was a soldier are long gone, which is his turn to suffer." Cao Hongbing was not convinced, "Brother Zhou, what I said is true!" See two people bullying, Li Dong laughed: "Okay, you two rest, Zheng Long side of the driver's license to get it? Get it and let him come and drive for me for a few days." Hearing that Li Dong wanted to summon Zheng Long back, Cao Hongbing and Zhou Haidong stopped talking at the same time. Zhou Haidong took a deep breath and immediately replied, "Mr. Li, Zheng has got his license, but he just got it, so it's too dangerous for him to drive for you." Originally, Li Dong sent Zheng Long to protect Qin Yuhan, Zhou Haidong felt that no one could threaten his position. But then Qin Yuhan went to the capital, and at school Qin Yuhan did not need protection, so Zheng Long came back. This time Zheng Long came back, but also ran to learn the driver's license, Zhou Haidong immediately knew that this guy is not dead, and want to fight with him. But Zhou Haidong don't look usually honest and silent, in fact he is shrewd, has not given Zheng Long a chance. This time, Li Dong let him rest, let Zheng Long back, Zhou Haidong immediately feel bad. Li Dong is a person who remembers the old feelings, when the first four people came in, Tan Yong went in, he and Cao Hongbing now mainly to protect Li Dong, Zheng Long has been idle. This time if Zheng Long to Li Dong to drive a few days, the next Li Dong certainly will not drive Zheng Long away, then he can be one more of the biggest competitors. Cao Hongbing is better, younger than them, not as strong as them, not as experienced as them, Zhou Haidong does not care. But Zheng Long is different, that guy both seniority and strength are similar to Zhou Haidong. If you let Zheng Long come back, who is the boss between him and Zheng Long in the future? Zhou Haidong's little 99 Li Dong clear, but Li Dong still said: "Let the old Zheng try, I usually use the car not much, should not matter much." Li Dong have said so, Zhou Haidong naturally can no longer oppose, had to nod and answered. …… the next day. Early in the morning, Zheng Long drove to the entrance of the Wanyuan district. Sitting in the driver's seat, Zheng Long is in a good mood, and really his choice is still correct. The guy Cao Hongbing also said that learning to drive is useless, this time he should know whether learning to drive is useful. If not for his own driver's license, this time it is not his turn to replace Zhou Haidong's position, he does not want to be Zhou Haidong's head for life. Although the heart thinking about things, but Zheng Long was not overwhelmed by joy, the afterglow glanced at Li Dong out of the neighborhood, Zheng Long immediately got out of the car to meet up. …… Li Dong let Wang Jia get into the car, instructed Zheng Long: "You send Wang Jia to the provincial hospital, and then pick her back, drive carefully on the way." Zheng Long hurriedly assured: "Mr. Li don't worry, I drive the most stable, even the driving school coach said I am an old driver." Li Dong lost his smile, you still old driver, driver's license for three days? But he knows Zheng Long is still stable, and did not hit him, and said to Wang Jia: "Fang Qingfei said she is waiting for you at the hospital, I still have something to do, so I will not accompany you together." Wang Jia laughed: "I know, you are a busy man, go busy with your own business. For my sake, you have been delayed for several days. In fact, I can go by myself by car, there is no need to transport back and forth." Li Dong did not say much, waved his hand and let Zheng Long drive. …… did not return to the company for two days, Li Dong found that now the company has no himself are the same. He is not in, Sun Tao will handle things in order, than when he was in all smooth.