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Chapter 199 Hu Wanlin

  Li Dong was handling documents at the company, and Zheng Long's side also encountered trouble. Originally, he thought it was just a small matter of picking up and dropping off people today, but it turned out that he and Wang Jia had just gotten off the bus and were blocked before they could enter the hospital gate. Blocking them were three men, two strong men and a svelte middle-aged man in a suit. Seeing the three, Wang Jia's face turned white and subconsciously ducked behind Zheng Long. Zheng Long frowned slightly and said in a deep voice: "What do you want?" The two strong men were obviously fighters and did not make a sound, but the gentle middle-aged man smiled and said, "Don't misunderstand, Miss Wang Jia should know us, and we are looking for Miss Wang because we have business." The middle-aged man looked at Wang Jia and said, "Miss Wang, you've been gone for a long time, we've been waiting for you here for two months." Wang Jia's face was a little pale, she did not expect these people had not left. Originally she thought that after seeing her mother today, she would stay at most one more day and go to the capital, so even if these people knew she was back, there was nothing they could do. But who knows these people actually guarded for two months, this persistence is simply devastating. As for Li Dong said to help her solve, Wang Jia did not dare to take it seriously. It's not that she doesn't trust Li Dong, but the matter involving millions of dollars, she doesn't dare and is embarrassed to let Li Dong help her deal with it. She can still pay back a few hundred thousand dollars, but several million, she can't afford to pay back in this lifetime. Seeing that Wang Jia did not speak, the middle-aged man did not care, still smiling: "Miss Wang, it is natural to pay back debts, hiding is not a solution, things always have to be dealt with, do you think so?" "I don't have any money!" Wang Jia bit her lips and said. The middle-aged man did not change his face, smiling and said: "Miss Wang no money is okay, someone has money on the line. The role of driving a big Ben, one or two million is not unable to get out, right?" Said the middle-aged man also smiled at Zheng Long: "This gentleman, how about a phone call to your boss?" Zheng Long's identity he saw at a glance, not just good eyesight, but more importantly, he knew Li Dong's car. Before Li Dong came to the hospital several times, but then Li Dong came with Fang Qingfei, these people also did not find Li Dong. Do their line of work, eyesight can not be poor, some people can mess with, some people can not mess with, this they still understand. The first few times Li Dong came is the role of the sauce, it seems and Wang Jia's mother relationship is not too close, they are also afraid to provoke Li Dong into trouble. But now Li Dong's car to send Wang Jia to the hospital, they now have a spectrum. The relationship with the debtor will be fine, a good relationship is even better, now they are looking for Li Dong is not unreasonable, rich people must also be reasonable. Zheng Long was a little hesitant, looked at Wang Jia, see her six, thought about it or give Li Dong a phone call over. …… received Zheng Long's call, Li Dong some surprise. He wanted to talk to those people, but did not expect those people to come so quickly. Wang Jia only returned to Pingchuan a day, these people found up, perseverance is not ordinary strong. Li Dong also did not say anything, listen to Zheng Long said a few people did not do, just stop not to give away, Li Dong said: "Let him answer the phone." The phone soon came to the middle-aged man's hands. Getting the phone, the middle-aged man said politely, "Boss Li, sorry to bother you." He didn't know Li Dong's name, but just now Zheng Long shouted Mr. Li, he also heard it. The other party is a loan shark, even if the other party is a loan shark, but people talk to you nicely, Li Dong also has no reason to be angry. Not too polite with him, Li Dong directly said: "small talk will not be involved, the evening out to meet a meeting, I want to talk with you." The middle-aged man smiled and said, "Okay, just listen to Boss Li, 7:00 p.m., the Gui Xiang House next to the hospital, we will not see you." "So be it." …… hung up the phone and the middle-aged man handed the phone to Zheng Long.