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Chapter 200: Negotiation collapsed

  ♂, since they are all acquaintances, Li Dong's knocking mountain shock tiger is considered to be used for nothing. A few people sat down and exchanged pleasantries, Wu Jianguo closed his mouth and became a wooden man. Li Dong knew at first glance that he could not count on this guy, not in the mood to get angry with him, directly said, "General Hu, Wang Jia's matter you say a price, this I help her out." Hu Wanlin took a look at Wu Jianguo. The company is familiar with, some things always have to be avoided, Wu Jianguo is listening to the side, she some words or bad to say. When Wu Jianguo saw Hu Wanlin staring at himself, he laughed dryly and said, "You guys pretend I don't exist, I just came to drink tea." Hu Wanlin frowned slightly, this is not Wu Jianguo's character. According to reason, Wu Jianguo should not be involved in this, especially when you see yourself present, Wu Jianguo should retreat now if he is more sensible. But Wu Jianguo dead set on not leaving, which is a bit intriguing. I do not know Wu Jianguo heart now also bitter, he really can not go, if you go, today is not to give Li Dong face. Li Dong invited him to shock, and as a result he did not even dare to put a fart, the next time Li Dong is still willing to deal with him? Now Li Dong is not the old Li Dong, before he did not give Li Dong face okay, now if you do not give Li Dong face, I'm afraid that the future trouble is big. It's not that Li Dong has money that makes Wu Jianguo scornful, what he really scornful is that the land of Huafu was finally got by Li Dong. He did so many years in the Yaohai District, Yaohai District a little wind and grass he could not know. The land of the House of China is who is interested in the middle and who is getting it, which the twists and turns of his door clear. Li Dong can take the land from those hands, or low price to take the land, he as long as not stupid will know what it means. Originally this loan shark matter, he sold Li Dong a face, casually intimidate a few words can have a successful outcome. But man's plan is not as good as God's plan, the opposite of that surnamed Hu is not easy to mess with, Wu Jianguo also dare not offend the dead, this is the real difficult to do. Wu Jianguo does not go, Hu Wanlin is not good to talk, reluctantly said: "Today only drink tea, spoilers Li don't mention." Li Dong frowned and said lightly: "Indeed, it is enough to spoil the fun, but things are always so delayed is not a matter." Hu Wanlin heart some displeasure, you really do not understand or fake not understand? Another look at Wu Jianguo, Hu Wanlin narrowed the Danfeng eyes, lightly smiled: "Wu Bureau, I just came up and forgot to take the tissue, can you please help me take it?" Wu Jianguo dry cough, this motherfucker has nothing to do but to get involved, this is really a dilemma. Li Dong did ignore Wu Jianguo's reaction before, and only at this moment did he realize the reason for it. The brain turned around, Li Dong probably understand the reason for it. Without making things difficult for Wu Jianguo, Li Dong said, "Wu Bureau, Mr. Hu has given his word, so how about I ask you to take a trip?" Wu Jianguo can't wait to quickly flash away, smiling immediately: "Then you guys talk, I'll go down to get tissues, smoke a cigarette and then come up." Said Wu Jianguo hurriedly downstairs, the heart is still secretly happy, let these two guys fight to it. He is too lazy to get involved in this, anyway, can not afford to offend, he is still ready to retire in peace. Once Wu Jianguo left, Hu Wanlin also breathed a sigh of relief. Li Dong saw the situation and said: "Mr. Hu, this time should give a painful words." Hu Wanlin smiled and said to the middle-aged man next to him who had not spoken: "Manager Zhang, you talk to Mr. Li, I really do not know much about this." The middle-aged man nodded and took out a stack of paper documents from his bag and pushed them toward Li Dong, smiling, "Mr. Li, this is all the money owed by Wang Fucheng, the total is 1876,200 yuan. If you want to help Wang Jia pay back the money, just give 1.87 million." Li Dong did not even look at the stack of documents, but said, "At first Wang Fucheng seems to have borrowed only one million, right? In the middle, Wang Jia sold her house and paid you back 300,000, which means 700,000 principal, now it's more than doubled?" The middle-aged man laughed and said, "Mr. Li, you may have misunderstood. Wang Fucheng borrowed one million two hundred thousand, Miss Wang initially paid back only part of the interest, the principal did not return." "These words do not need to talk to me. Give the truth, how much can this matter pass?" "1.87 million!" The middle-aged man continued to laugh.