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Chapter 201 - Seriously ill

  Li Dong didn't take it too seriously when the talk with Hu Wanlin fell through. But Li Dong still urged Zheng Long a few words, let him continue to follow Wang Jia next, to prevent Hu Wanlin retaliation. Although Zheng Long secretly screamed, but the arm can not twist the thigh, only nod to agree. In fact, according to his mind, these days while Zhou Haidong is not in, it is best to get close to Li Dong. But now suddenly inserted a Wang Jia, Zheng Long some helpless. Zheng Long how to think Li Dong did not care too much, Hu Wanlin is not a big deal, Li Dong instructed a few words will Hu Wanlin's matter aside. ……9 on the 8th. The twelve stores in Copper Mountain finally began to operate, and the official opening of the stores in Yuanfang reached twenty-five in one fell swoop. Copper Mountain opening, Li Dong did not go. Although others did not go, but Li Dong has been concerned about the situation in Copper Mountain. On the opening day, Copper Mountain's performance was quite good, as of 9:30 p.m., the total turnover of the twelve stores reached eleven million. Although this performance is not as stunning as the opening of the seven stores in Fucheng, but it is also an extraordinary performance, Li Dong is still very satisfied. Copper Mountain stores just opened shortly, September 10, Pingchuan five convenience stores also began to officially open. These five convenience stores, when Li Dong was used to snipe several large supermarkets. Before because of Zhang Qing disruption, the construction period delayed a lot of time, otherwise these small convenience stores are afraid than the opening of Copper Mountain side are earlier. Now that Zhang Qing is no longer disruptive, the opening of the matter seems to be very smooth. Although there was no fanfare and no lights, the five convenience stores still gave Li Dong a big surprise. On the day of opening, the turnover of the five convenience stores reached 800,000. Although it is the sum of five stores, but the total investment of these five stores is not as much as a county store, can reach 800,000 turnover, absolutely out of Li Dong's expectations. The provincial city is worthy of being a provincial city, both the consumption level and the flow of people are better than the county city by several chips. For the other stores under construction in Pingchuan, Li Dong also has a hint of expectation. Maybe this Pingchuan store full coverage plan may really bring some unexpected surprises. After all, Yaohai District is not the city center, and the flow of people is mainly students, so maybe there are other stores that can surpass Longhua Store. On September 12, Li Chengyuan called Li Dong. On the phone, Li Chengyuan was a bit depressed and said to Li Dong: "Your uncle is seriously ill, come back to see him." When Li Dong received the call, he was a bit surprised and said, "Seriously ill? What kind of illness?" Li Chenghui is actually seriously ill, this seems to be something that did not exist in the previous life, remember that his own uncle has lived until he was reborn in high spirits. Li Chengyuan sighed: "Late stage cancer, I'm afraid it won't last long." This time Li Dong is really surprised, late stage of cancer, how is this possible? To say what sudden illness is still possible, but advanced cancer, this is obviously not just a disease, history actually changed! To be honest, Li Dong's surprise was greater than his sadness. He had little affection for this eldest uncle, and hated him for many years in his last life, but now hearing that Li Chenghui would not last long, Li Dong still had some bad feelings. Then hate, then hostile, this life, Li Chenghui after all has not done that kind of cold-blooded things. Now that Li Chenghui will not live long, Li Dong's hatred will soon dissipate into thin air and he can only sigh that things are unpredictable. After all, it is his own uncle, plus his father's heart is also difficult now, Li Dong did not hesitate much and said, "I will go back tomorrow."