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Chapter 202: The Death of a Man

  Qingyang First People's Hospital. When Li Dong's family arrived at the ward, only Li Chenghui was alone in the ward. Li Dong had not seen Li Chenghui for more than a year, and when he saw him again, Li Chenghui had lost his shape. When he saw Li Chengyuan's family, Li Chenghui's eyes moved, and only after a long time did he say, "Lao Er is here." Li Chengyuan's eyes suddenly reddened, went over and held Li Chenghui's hand and choked up, "Dongzi is back, I brought him here to see you." Li Chenghui smiled and looked at Li Dong Dong, "Dongzi, I haven't seen you for some days, you've grown handsome." Li Dong heard some emotions, it is really the death of a man whose words are also good, at first Li Chenghui saw his nose is not a nose, face is not a face, now at this juncture to speak is a peaceful up. "Uncle, I came to see you." Li Dong sighed in his heart and went forward to shout a big uncle. Before he has been refused to call Li Chenghui uncle, but now Li Chenghui this look, Li Dong look at the heart is also unbearable. After all, his own father's own brother, or the only brother, Li Dong at this time does not want to care about anything. Li Chenghui's bony face showed a smile and laughed: "Good, you are the most promising one of our old Li family, do well, study hard, do not give our old Li family shame." Li Dong nodded and did not speak again. Li Chengyuan saw him gasping for breath, and quickly said, "Less talk, want to eat something? I'll get some for you to eat." Li Chenghui shook his head and sighed, "I don't want to eat anything." Li Chengyuan said, "Where is your sister-in-law? Why are you alone?" Hearing Li Chengyuan's question, Li Chenghui's face showed a touch of sadness, shook his head and did not say anything. Li Chengyuan immediately frowned and said, "What's wrong? Another disturbance?" "No, you don't blame her either, I'm an asshole myself." Li Chenghui sighed, but refused to say more. Li Chengyuan also knows the cause of the matter, but still some hard to say: "are at this juncture, they are still fussing about what! All day long money money money, people are gone, what is the use of money!" A touch of doubt in the eyes of Li Dong, but Li Dong did not ask. He did not ask, but Li Chenghui asked himself: "Dongzi, you are the most read in our family, I ask you a thing." "Eldest uncle, you say." Li Chenghui hesitated for a moment, but thinking of his current situation, he still opened his mouth and said, "Is there any provision in the law that an illegitimate daughter can get a share of the inheritance?" Li Dong heard this question a little confused, illegitimate daughter? Li Chenghui smiled bitterly, "I am a big old man, I have never thought about this before. But now I can't, you have a cousin, only 15 years old this year, if I leave, her mother may not know how to toss her, I just want to ask, can you share some money to her alone." Li Dong now understood, immediately a little speechless. I did not expect Li Chenghui actually have an affair debt, illegitimate daughter is actually 15 years old. But this matter Li Dong is not bothered to care, smiled and thought: "should be able to share, but she is not yet an adult, even if the share of money also belong to the guardian, when she became an adult to get." "That is to say, her mother must also be in charge?" Li Dong nodded, he did not know the details, but most of the cases are like this. Li Chenghui frowned slightly and didn't say anything else. Next, both Li Chenghui and Li Chengyuan did not talk about the illegitimate daughter, but talked about their experiences as children. Li Dong and Cao Fang sat aside and listened, neither of them bothered their brothers to catch up. After about half an hour, Li Chengyuan saw that Li Chenghui was not very energetic, so he said, "Boss, you rest, I'll go back first and see you again in a few days." "Okay, that ……" "Sultry fox, I'm not dead yet, which is your turn to pretend to see him!" Li Chenghui words have not yet finished, outside suddenly came a sharp cry. Then Li Dong heard another woman shout, "You're the slutty fox, your whole family is! How come I can't come? Isn't my daughter his daughter?" "Don't you just want money? I tell you, not a single dako! If you say she's his daughter, she's his daughter. Who knows which wild man you had her with?" "Bullshit! You ask Li Chenghui if this is his seed or not!" "……" Several people in the ward looked at each other, and Li Chenghui was full of bitterness. Li Chengyuan froze for a moment and said, "Sister-in-law she ……"