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Chapter 203 I disagree

  At night, Li Chenghui's house. Li Chenghui did earn a lot of engineering over the years, the family capital is not very large. Just look at the house where the Li family lives now, both the decoration and the area are not worse than Li Dong's house in Pingchuan. When Li Dong accompanied Li Chengyuan to the house, Li Chenghui's son and daughter had already returned. When he saw Li Dong and Li Chengyuan, Li Nanming skipped his lips and didn't say anything, sitting on the sofa with his head hanging down without moving. Li Qing nodded, but also did not shout. Li Dong frowned, I knew that these two people are above the eyes, I did not think that after so many years or this kind of bird. Today is not what they want to come, if it is not the eldest aunt said there is something to discuss, Li Dong really do not want their own father involved in this matter. Li Dong's eldest aunt Wang Li was more polite than before, and when she saw the two of them, she reluctantly smiled and said, "Lao Er, Dong Zi, both sit down." Li Dong and Li Chengyuan found a place to sit down, Li Dong did not wait for Li Chengyuan to open his mouth and asked, "Big mother, what are you looking for my father to discuss?" Wang Li was about to speak when the doorbell rang. Li Dong did not need to guess to know that ten ** is the one who quarreled in the afternoon came, did not expect that one really dare to come. Wang Li and Li Qing obviously also thought of a few people, a few people's faces blue did not move. In a short time, the doorbell turned into a rapping sound, only to hear someone outside the door shouted: "Open the door, if you do not open the door I smashed the door!" Li Nanming was already bad-tempered, heard the words immediately cursed: "You paralyze, you try to smash the door, I'll kill you!" "Little brat, old Li raised you such a thing, how to speak!" "……" two people across the door so scolded, Li Chengyuan black face drink: "What the hell, shame or shame, heard by the shame is your own face!" "Our family's business, you do not care!" Li Nanming just finished, Li Dong got up and said, "Dad, let's go, why bother with their family's business!" "What's your attitude!" Li Nanming said angrily at once. Li Dong glanced at him and said coldly, "Li Nanming, don't be arrogant with me, you really think you're something!" Li Nanming was so angry that he reached out and pointed his hand at Li Dong and wanted to curse. Without waiting for him to say anything, Li Dong slapped his hand away and said, "Don't move your hands, believe it or not, I'll beat you to death!" Li Nanming's eyes flashed at the words, he was really a bit scared. When he returned home as a child, often bullying Li Dong, once angered Li Dong, he was almost killed by Li Dong. If not for the adults to stop, Li Dong can really kill him, even then, his head was also open. Since then, he is a little afraid of his cousin. These years, the two brothers of the Li family relationship is not good, and this is not unrelated, Li Nanming rely on their own family money, every time they see Li Dong are sneering. But he did not dare to really piss off Li Dong, although so many years have passed, but he saw Li Dong angry, or can not help but remember what happened at the time. When Li Nanming was in a difficult position, Wang Li said, "Nanming, what's going on, I have something to discuss with your second uncle, don't make trouble!" Li Nanming took the opportunity to step down and hummed, "Not with you in general." Li Dong snorted, his face full of disdain, lazy to pay attention to him. Talking inside the house, the sound of tapping on the door outside the house is getting louder and louder. Wang Li said with a black face, "Qingqing, go open the door!" Li Qing reluctantly stood up, opened the door, saw two people outside the door, face ugly said: "shameless! Saying that he did not look at a few people, turned around and went back to his seat and sat down. The middle-aged woman outside the door did not care, pulling the cowardly girl behind her and walked inside, while walking said: "Daughter, remember, this house also has your share, your father is dying, you are also the seed of the Li family, they want to monopolize, there is no way!" Li Nanming, who had just sat down, heard the words and said, "Don't be ridiculous! Try saying that again!" The middle-aged woman sneered, "What? Did I say it wrong? Your old man has admitted that this is his seed, don't you still deny it? Your old man can't control the waistband of his pants, so why are you looking for me to take it out on you?" Li Dong hugged his arms and really watched with great interest, Li Chengyuan frowned and said, "Chen Jing, sit down and say something, don't spill." "His second uncle, not I spill, you see their family are bullying us orphans and widows. Your big brother is still alive, and this family is going to force us to die. Once your big brother leaves, will there be a way for us to live? It's not that I want money, but Xiaolan is your niece, so I can't let your niece starve to death." The middle-aged woman, also known as Chen Jing, said while complaining about her suffering. The corners of Li Chengyuan's mouth twitched, but there was no way to refute. For a long time, Li Chengyuan said with a headache: "Sister-in-law, what do you want to talk to me about." Wang Li just pretended not to see Chen Jing mother and daughter, said to Li Chengyuan: "Today mainly want to discuss with you about your elder brother's afterlife, the doctor said, your elder brother will only last until the end of the month at most. Your big brother is bent on being buried in the old home, I and Nanming they do not understand, the old home side also do not know anyone ……" Wang Li finished, Li Dong only to understand Wang Li's purpose. In short, it is a word, Li Chenghui if gone, the afterlife in the old home to do, all to Li Chengyuan responsible.