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Chapter 204: The head and self-redemption

  On the way back to the hotel, Li Chengyuan was a bit distracted. Li Dong frowned and waited until he got out of the car before saying, "Dad, this can't be agreed." "Ai!" Li Chengyuan sighed, worried, "How to say is also my Li family's seed, this if ……" "Dad, she has a mother and brother and sister, you can not worry less." "Li Qing and Li Nanming can take care of her? Chen Jing is also not a good person, your uncle said she is outside …… "Some words Li Chengyuan is not good to say, Chen Jing is outside the messy mess, three days away from home, these things Li Chenghui have told him. Now Li Chenghui is still alive she is like this, Li Chenghui a death, Chen Jing will still manage this daughter? The first thing you need to do is to take care of your daughter, but Li Chengyuan is afraid that Li Lan will follow her mother's bad example. "Then it's not your turn to take charge!" Li Chengyuan glared at Li Dong and said, "That's my niece, why can't I control it! You're not old, you don't have any human taste!" Li Dong was annoyed when he heard that, "Why do I have no human taste?" "Is Li Lan your cousin? You have no siblings, cousin is also your sister, you can bear to see her suffer, on your character, maybe how to me and your mother in the future!" "You just remember your uncle is not good to you, but do not forget his good! When you were a child, your uncle bought you food and clothes, have you forgotten? Since you got rich, you've changed, your heart is cold, your blood is cold, he's dying, have you ever been sad? That's your uncle, your only uncle, what else do you value now but money!" Li Dong was furious and said, "Dad, that's how you see me!" After saying this, Li Dong got into the car, closed the door with a bang, and reached out and said loudly, "Dad, I'm going back to Pingchuan, I don't care about this!" "Son of a bitch! I'm your father, I say a few words to you what's wrong! I'm your father, I said something to you! Seeing Li Dong's car really gone, Li Chengyuan stomped his feet and cursed: "Son of a bitch, I said you two sentences still run, the richer the more tasteless!" After saying that Li Chengyuan waited downstairs for a while, see Li Dong really did not come back, Li Chengyuan huffed and puffed upstairs. Cao Fang was watching TV in the hotel room, and when he saw Li Chengyuan enter alone, he asked, "Where's Dongzi?" "He ran away!" "Ran away?" "Yes, I just said two words to him, the brat left me and ran away!" "……"…… Li Dong did not go back to Pingchuan, but let Zhou Haidong drive him around Qingyang. Until the car drove to the Yangtze River Bridge, Li Dong said, "Stop, put me down." Zhou Haidong did not care whether it was against the rules or not, and hurriedly stopped the car. Li Dong got out of the car, standing at the bridge guardrail by the night breeze, the brain sobered up a lot. Lit a cigarette for a while, Li Dong to the Zhou Haidong who was guarding the side: "Old Zhou, you go back first, I sit for a while before leaving." "Mr. Li, I'll stay with you." "No need, you go back first, I want to do something." Zhou Haidong could not resist Li Dong, so he had no choice but to drive back to the hotel. Once Zhou Haidong left, Li Dong smoked several cigarettes in a row before he muttered, "I have no one to smell?" Li Chengyuan's words really gave Li Dong a small blow, he did not expect his dad would actually say that he had no taste. If it were anyone else, Li Dong would not have taken it seriously if he had slapped him directly. But what Dad said, Li Dong is thinking over and over again, Li Dong began to question whether they are really as Dad said, really no taste. The more he thought about it, the more he doubted himself, do I really have no taste? He thought of Sun Tao, who had made a great contribution to the distant side, Sun Tao worked hard, but he never dared to trust him all. He thought of Yuan Xue, who was far away from home, except for a moment when he knew she went abroad and was sad, but other times it seems to have forgotten her. He thought of Wang Jia, he helped her before and after, it seems to be only to see her pity, he has been standing in a savior's perspective to see Wang Jia. He thought of Meng Qiping, he felt he treated Meng Qiping as a friend, but in fact, deep down, he despised him. He thought of Wang Jie, Wei Yuan, Lin Yang …… Li Dong thought of many, many people, and finally realized that he had never trusted anyone, never treated anyone as a friend, and never treated anyone as an integral part of his life.