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Chapter 205 - The Country Peddler

  Li Dong figured it out and even agreed with his father to adopt this strange cousin. But I didn't want Li Chengyuan to regret it himself. Seeing Li Dong's face full of doubts, Li Chengyuan sighed: "Before, I wanted to adopt this girl Li Lan, but later, thinking about it, I think there is still something wrong." "Li Lan is fifteen years old and has her own ideas. No matter how Chen Jing is, that is still her mother, and she may not be willing to live with us." Compared to Chen Jing, Mr. and Mrs. Li Chengyuan were strangers in Li Lan's eyes. Even if the mother is bad, she is still better than a stranger. The previous adoption was all wishful thinking, and no one had asked Li Lan's opinion. But Li Lan is not young after all, this kind of thing in her heart is not possible not to consider, the melon is not sweet, if Li Lan is not willing, in the end, it may not be good, but fell to blame. Li Dong smiled bitterly, I should have known that you still scold me, and in the end it became their own two heads are not. Li Chengyuan saw the situation and knew what he was thinking, said: "I am your old man, say you two sentences is still a crime, I have nothing to beat you up you have to suffer!" Before Li Dong said anything, Cao Fang scolded: "You try beating him, old thing, the older you get, the more problems you have, my son invites you to mess with you!" "Is your son not my son." Li Chengyuan muttered, see Cao Fang glared at himself, dry cough said: "I'm just saying, you serious why!" "Humph!" Cao Fang ignored him and said to Li Dong Dong, "Dongzi, if you have something to do, go back to Pingchuan first, and then come back when that day comes." This "that day" Li Dong knew what it meant, and Li Chengyuan naturally also understood. Although he knew it in his heart, but when Cao Fang said it, Li Chengyuan's heart was still a bit uncomfortable. Cao Fang saw him drooping head, wanted to say a few words, but finally did not say. In terms of feelings, the whole Li family probably only Li Chengyuan still misses Li Chenghui, others, even Li Chenghui's son and daughter are not necessarily as sad as Li Chengyuan. After all, they grew up together, and are the same mother's own brother, Li Chenghui is not too old, Li Chengyuan natural heart hard. Li Dong and Cao Fang do not know how to persuade, Li Chengyuan himself for a moment and calmly said: "Life and death have a life rich in heaven, he should enjoy this life also enjoyed, live not a loss." After saying this, Li Chengyuan said to Li Dong Dong: "Today we are looking for Chen Jing and Li Lan to talk, if they agree, I will accept this. If they don't agree, we will take care of Li Lan, and let the rest go." Li Dong nodded and didn't say anything. Cao Fang is a bit dissatisfied: "I say adopt or not to adopt words do not say, people really want to live uncomfortable girl to our home for a year or two I do not care, we do not less she a mouthful of food to eat. But what about adoption? Not to mention that people's mothers are still in, the procedures can not be done, not to mention the future if ……" some words Cao Fang did not want to say, if the future of the two of them left, it is difficult to leave the property store still have to let this Li Lan and Li Dong equal share? Although Li Dong is not short of money now, but that is Li Dong earned himself. They have worked all their lives, they must leave something to their son, the house and store is what they intend to leave to their son. But if they adopt Li Lan, then even their daughter, how to settle this account in the future. Li Chengyuan loves his niece, and Cao Fang doesn't know who Li Lan is, so he naturally favors his son. Last night, Li Chengyuan said to her that she was not happy about this, but Cao Fang believes in the death of a person is the most important, Li Chenghui will not live long, Cao Fang also do not want to make trouble with Li Chengyuan at this juncture. Li Chengyuan said: "I know what's going on in my heart, so don't worry about it." Cao Fang hummed and didn't dwell on it. After all, this matter has not yet come to fruition, it is now a little early to discuss these things, and she feels that Chen Jing ten ** will not agree. Unless …… think of this Cao Fang hurriedly said: "The old thing, our family opened the store, and the matter of Dongzi, you do not reveal the wind." "Got it, I have it in my heart!" Li Chengyuan said with some impatience. "You have a number!" Li Chengyuan did not pay attention to her, with his hands behind his back to think about what to say later.