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Chapter 206 - The store was smashed

  ♂, Li Dong's family did not stay in Qingyang, after seeing Li Chenghui in the morning, Li Dong's family went back to Dongping in the afternoon. Originally, because the Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching, Li Dong also thought to accompany his parents after the Mid-Autumn Festival and then leave. But just arrived in Dongping, Li Dong received several phone calls. After answering the phone, Li Dong froze for a while, then told his parents that he was going back to Pingchuan. Cao Fang and Li Chengyuan know that he has a lot of things to do, but also did not stay more, admonished him a few words and then let Li Dong first back to Pingchuan business. …… Li Dong rushed back to Pingchuan without stopping. When you enter the border of Pingchuan is almost nine o'clock, and when you step into the Global Building, the clock is pointing to ten o'clock. The lights are usually out at this time of day at the Far Side headquarters. At this point today, the lights were still on in the conference room. When Li Dong entered the door, Sun Tao and Liu Qi were discussing things. Seeing Li Dong arrive, Liu Qi immediately got up and said, "Mr. Li ……" Li Dong waved his hand, didn't be polite with them, sat down and said, "Tell us how the situation is now." "Five convenience stores were smashed three, the other two glass doors were also smashed, the store staff is fine, tomorrow can continue to operate. But the other three shelves were smashed, a few employees also suffered some minor injuries, I'm afraid to close for a while." Sun Tao said in a deep voice. "Are people okay?" Li Dong hurriedly said. "No big trouble, rest a few days will be fine." Li Dong first breathed a sigh of relief, it's good that people are okay. Then some annoyed: "day and night, five stores were smashed, the police **** well!" To know the five convenience stores can be in the city, but also a busy area, in broad daylight was smashed store beaten, and was also run away, which makes Li Dong was very angry. What's more, he donated ten cars to the city bureau before, and those guys said they would set up an extra trip to the patrol line at the far side of the store. But now the store was smashed, the police actually did not move anything, Li Dong naturally not happy. Sun Tao helplessly said: "Those people move quickly, before and after not more than five minutes, they are not mainly to hurt people, after smashing the store split up and ran." "Do you know who did it?" Li Dong also knows that now is not the time to hold the police responsible, but asked about the mastermind. "The biggest possibility is that a few city, our convenience store is not big, but these days did steal a lot of their business." "They have so much guts?" Li Dong frowned, some suspicion. Although it seems that the store was smashed, several cities are the most purposeful and most profitable. But Li Dong felt that there is still something wrong, really if a few cities do, then the courage is too big. Business competition is said to be unscrupulous, does not mean that it can be chaotic. Price war, sparring people, official investigation these are common means, at every turn to smash the store, the general decent businessmen will not do. Those cities are famous big box stores, can really do this kind of thing? And today five convenience stores were smashed at the same time, it is reasonable to say that these five stores are not together, scattered in the vicinity of the three big cities, it is difficult not the three cities have joined forces. Of course, it can not be ruled out that one of them did, smashing the other stores is just a blindfold. Or maybe it's not even these cities that did it, but someone else. Li Dong thought back on whether he had recently offended anyone, thinking about it, he did not seem to have offended anyone, and it is not necessary to use such means to retaliate against himself.