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Chapter 207 Who is it?

  The next day. In the morning, Li Dong and Sun Tao went to visit several injured employees together. This time, there were four injured employees in total, although they were all lightly injured, but in order to show the importance of Yuanfang to the employees, several employees were now recuperating in the hospital. Hearing that the big boss and the general manager came to visit them personally, several employees acted a bit flattered. They are just ordinary employees at the grassroots level, and usually, not to mention the boss and the general manager, they can't even see the general executives. I didn't expect that this time, with just a small injury, the two most important giants from afar actually came. Li Dong visited several employees, first asked about their conditions, and then expressed Yuanfang's gratitude for the dedication of several employees. Although they were all platitudes, they made several employees' eyes red. Finally, Li Dong announced: this time the injured employees each rewarded three thousand dollars, paid leave for a month, under the same conditions priority promotion …… these words, four employees simply grateful to Li Dong tears. On such a small injury, in exchange for more than five thousand dollars of income, and priority promotion opportunities, simply too good value! Li Dong exchanged pleasantries with a few more people before leaving the hospital with them. Once out of the hospital, Li Dong said to Liu Qi behind him, "Turn around and publicize this more, so that everyone knows that Yuanfang does not treat its employees badly!" Liu Qi nodded and suggested, "Why don't we have an internal newspaper, so that all the big and small things of the enterprise can be published in the newspaper in the future to enhance the sense of belonging of the employees." Li Dong gave her a look and smiled, "You've got a brain, good, let's do that." The internal newspaper does not cost much, not only can it enhance the sense of belonging of the employees, but also can promote the corporate culture, so it is still worth investing in. Hearing Li Dong praise herself, Liu Qi couldn't stop smiling. Li Dong also did not care about her, and said to Sun Tao: "Sun, you go to the two convenience stores that are still in business to see, I will go to the city bureau later." Sun Tao answered and led a few people to the convenience store. Li Dong, on the other hand, took Liu Qi with him to the city bureau to see how the case was progressing. …… City Public Security Bureau. Because of the Yuanfang donated car some time ago, the city bureau of the Yuanfang stores were smashed case is still very important. Hearing that it was the boss of Far Side who came to the door, Chen Song, the deputy director in charge of criminal investigation, personally appeared to receive Li Dong. The two first had a few words of courtesy, and Li Dong asked about the progress of the case. Chen Song also predicted what Li Dong would ask, organized his thoughts and said: "Yesterday, the Far Side store was smashed, the Bureau attaches great importance to the investigation launched overnight ……" Chen Song in front of the padding and credit Li Dong also listened, has been wearing a smile did not speak. Wait until Chen Song said the perpetrators caught a, Li Dong said: "people caught, he said who ordered?" Chen Song shook his head and said, "This person is just a local punk, the specific situation he is not clear, just listen to the command, take money to do it." Said and said: "But he also explained, this time only smash things, not hurt people. So we speculate that it should not be for personal revenge, may be to let the far side of the store can not open, this situation is actually a little more likely to compete in the same business …… "Li Dong did not interrupt him, just listening to some twisted. The more you listen, the more Li Dong heart is uncomfortable. Where exactly is wrong, Li Dong can not say. When Chen Song finished, Li Dong did not say anything more, thanked Chen Song a few sentences and left the police station. Get into the car, Li Dong has not said a word. Liu Qi cautiously glanced at him and hesitated for a long time before saying, "Mr. Li, I think what Chief Chen said seems to be deliberately guiding us." "Deliberately guiding?" "Yes, he is a veteran detective who has been doing criminal investigation for many years, and without evidence he guessed that it was a peer competition that unfolded the means, which is a bit inconsistent with his identity." "And his words seem to be a bit too much, Mr. Li you did not ask, he said all with you in a brain, an old detective words should not be so much, right?"