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Chapter 208: Li Dong being spat at

  Li Dong stubborn temper up. If you want to play, then we will play with you! Back to the company, Li Dong said to Zhou Haidong, "Tell Wang Cheng and the others not to wait around, take the initiative, find the people who smashed the store, and when you find them, find a way to ask who is behind it." Zhou Haidong nodded his head. Li Dong said: "Tell Wang Cheng, as long as we find out who is behind this, I will reward them 10,000 each!" Zhou Haidong staggered, one person 10,000 that is 60,000, Mr. Li is really generous. The two said a few more words, Li Dong sent away Zhou Haidong, Liu Qi entered the door: "Mr. Li, tomorrow there is a signing ceremony over Jiang University, Jiang University invited you to attend, you see how to reply?" This matter Li Dong knew, before Huang Zhigao also gave him a call. Jiangda University and Yuanfang side has negotiated, Yuanfang donated 500,000 yuan to set up Yuanfang scholarship, specially for rewarding those students with excellent study and family difficulties. And Jiangda University also promised to hold a special job fair for Yuanfang every year, and the college and teachers will also give priority to recommend outstanding graduates to Yuanfang for employment. Yuanfang contributes money, Jiangda contributes people, which is better than the selflessness that Li Dong expected. Jiangda is the largest talent base in Jiangbei, and it is also Li Dong's pleasure to reach a consensus with Jiangda. But attending the signing ceremony will be exempted, Li Dong thought about it and said, "Just say I'm busy lately, just let Mr. Sun go." This signing ceremony is to make a splash, when not only the college will send people to attend, the school principal and even the Department of Education will be present. If these people alone is not enough, there are many student representatives will also attend the ceremony. Li Dong now does not want to make this splash, especially in the school, there is no need to make too much fanfare. …… The next day's signing ceremony Li Dong did not participate. However, Li Dong still went to Jiangda University, not to see Sun Tao make a splash, but Huang Zhigao asked him to meet. This time, Li Dong into Huang Zhigao's office, Huang Zhigao is simply too enthusiastic. The more enthusiastic old Huang is, the more alert Li Dong is, this guy will not want to hit him. This time spent 500,000, is already Li Dong's psychological bottom line, and more money he will not agree. I didn't expect Huang Zhigao to talk about money at all, but after a few pleasantries, he said: "Li Dong, the college has a mid-autumn festival party this time, but also the orientation. Do you think you can spare some time to speak on stage?" Li Dong didn't expect that Huang Zhigao was actually talking about this, he was not even willing to go to the signing ceremony, let alone the party. When Huang Zhigao finished, Li Dong hurriedly said, "Dean, let's forget about this, what would I say on stage, it would be a laughing matter." "Look, you are still modest on." Huang Zhigao laughed: "You are one of the leading soldiers after the 80s, if you go on stage to speak a few words, your students will definitely have high morale, this is a great good thing for the country and the people." Li Dong rolled his eyes, this has risen to the level of benefitting the country and the people. No matter how old Huang said, Li Dong just refused to agree. Li Dong refused to agree, Huang Zhigao also had no choice, and finally had to laugh bitterly: "You do not look like a young man, this opportunity others can not grab, as if I forced you to go to war." Li Dong laughed and did not answer. Huang Zhigao saw the situation and laughed: "Okay, since you do not agree I do not force you, but this next thing you have to give me face." Li Dong glanced at him, old Huang is drunk today, right? He also did not say whether to agree or not, smiled and said, "Dean, first of all, what is the matter?" Huang Zhigao also knows that this kind of person is not so easy to fool, if Li Dong really do not even think about it, then Huang Zhigao will have to think about how long Li Dong can still be scenery. Putting these thoughts aside, Huang Zhigao immediately said: "Actually, it's not a big deal, but a friend has begged me, so I'll be shy and tell you." "You say." "It's like this, that friend of mine now got a small vegetable base ……"