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Chapter 209: The Mastermind Behind the Scenes

  Li Dong felt that he could, in fact, is an overestimation of himself. Three hundred meters, not even halfway Li Dong is already panting and sweating. Su Yu saw the situation and quickly said: "Senior, why don't I also carry a little bit, two people easier." "Yes!" Su Yu just finished speaking, Li Dong stopped in his tracks and responded painfully. Su Yu smiled and the corners of his mouth twitched, I am polite, do you understand? I knew this guy did not follow the script, why do you have to ask this sentence, this is not asking for trouble. Li Dong does not care how she thinks, dry and sharp will be divided into two piles of books, he moved a larger portion of the pile, to Su Yu smiled: "I am a man, it is okay to suffer a little, schoolgirl less to move a little." Su Yu cried and laughed, she really wanted to ask Li Dong whether he had a girlfriend or not. This kind of man, which woman to see him simply unlucky in eight lives, too calculating. Seeing Su Yu reluctantly move the rest of the books, Li Dong asked, "How can you move so many books all by yourself?" "A classmate helped before, but he had a temporary problem, so I let him go first." Su Yu sullenly replied, secretly saying: people were helping me move, not even a word of tiredness, which is similar to you. Li Dong also did not care, and said: "Your military training is not over yet?" "Well, the morning after tomorrow is over." Su Yu had a word or two to say, enthusiasm is not very high. Li Dong saw this and smiled, did not continue to ask questions until he reached the apartment building, Li Dong said, "I put the book here?" Su Yu nodded, and when Li Dong put down the textbook, Su Yu smiled and said, "Thank you, senior." "You're welcome." Li Dong casually returned a sentence, turned around and wanted to leave. Before he could take a step, someone next to him said, "Schoolmate Su, you know this guy?" Li Dong smiled and glanced sideways, then he said speechlessly, "Bai Su, tell me honestly, are you following me?" "Fuck you!" Bai Su grunted and glared at him without good grace. "No way, you must be stalking me, otherwise how can I run into you every time by coincidence." "I don't want to run into you yet!" Bai Su was also depressed, she was just walking casually, who knew that she ran into Li Dong. Seeing that the two were talking and ignoring themselves, Su Yu hurriedly interjected, "Chairman Bai, do you and Senior Li Dong know each other?" "Chairman? Bai Su, since when did you become the chairman?" Li Dong's face was astonished, this name is domineering enough. Bai Su did not bother to explain, or Su Yu spoke out: "Sister is the Vice President of the Academy Student Council, does not the President know?" Li Dong skimmed his mouth, thought it was the school student council president, feelings are the hospital, or a vice. Bai Su took a look at his expression to know what he thought, humming did not speak. See Su Yu looked at the two of them with a curious face, Bai Su said: "Su schoolmate, sister advised you, it is best not to have anything to do with this person, or later regret have no chance." Li Dong full of black lines, I'm still here, you think I'm dead ah. Just about to speak, Su Yu was curious: "President Bai, you and senior this?" "Don't misunderstand!" Li Dong did not wait for her to finish and hurriedly said, "I am not familiar with Bai Su, sister, the President advised you, it is best not to get too close to Bai Su, she is a troublemaker, get into trouble can not hide." Bai Su is furious, just want to speak, Li Dong on a slip of the smoke to flee. Seeing Li Dong really gone, Bai Su angry face are purple, and said to Su Yu: "sister, sister said before is sincere, do not get too close to him, the loss is not worth it." After saying that did not care what Su Yu's reaction, Bai Su turned around and left.