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Chapter 210 - Sun Tao's speculation

  Li Dong did not understand how the person behind the mastermind became Niu Meng? It is reasonable to say that Niu Meng did not need to provoke himself, after all, when Niu Meng sent people to follow him, he only cleaned up Wang Fei, Niu Meng did not have any losses. It's hard to believe that Niu Meng, the second generation, still wants to avenge Wang Fei? When did the second generation also began to speak of righteousness. Also, the person who did it has something to do with Hu Wanlin, could it be that the two are joining forces this time? But Li Dong looked unlike, after all, if the two joined forces just to smash their own stores, but also too small fights some. Li Dong took a long breath and rubbed his temples: "What do these people want in the end?" Zhou Haidong did not speak, he also did not know what Niu Mang meant. Smashing a few stores Li Dong loss is not large, Niu Mang himself no benefit, no interest in the matter, who knows why Niu Mang do so. Of course, there are always a few oddballs in these second-generation officials, maybe not for the benefit, but just to help Wang Fei export anger, it is not possible to say. Li Dong do not think about it lazy to think, said: "Go to the company." …… to the company, Li Dong will Sun Tao shouted into the office. Also did not hide, will be Wang Cheng's investigation results said again. Finally Li Dong asked, "What do you think Niu Meng this means, to fight me to the end?" Sun Tao pondered for a moment without saying anything, and only after a while did he say thoughtfully, "Are you sure Niu Meng had someone do it?" "Probably about the same, I sent the people said so, not sure of things they should not talk nonsense." Sun Tao suddenly laughed and said, "That's a bit interesting." "What's the meaning?" "Niu Meng let people smash our store, but secretly dare not publicize, this is not in line with the style of these second generation. What's more interesting is that he actually tried to fake Hu Wanlin's hand. If you hadn't said that someone recognized Wang Fei's people, I'm afraid we would have thought that Hu Wanlin did it, right?" "A second-generation official, smashed a few stores, but also prefer to frame Hu Wanlin ……" "Not necessarily a frame-up, maybe he and Hu Wanlin joined forces." Li Dong interrupted. Sun Tao thought about it, smiled and shook his head, "Mr. Li, I think it should not be a joint effort." "Why?" Li Dong was curious as to why he was so sure. Sun Tao added: "Mr. Li, business can't be separated from politics, you should pay more attention to the political situation in Pingchuan." "The one behind Hu Wanlin and Niu Mang's father are political enemies, it's impossible for them to join forces." "And the one behind Hu Wanlin is about to retire, the Secretary of the Political and Legal Committee is a standing committee, and the ranking is not low, Niu Mang's father has been planning to enter the standing ……" Sun Tao finished, Li Dong surprised: "You are saying that Niu Mang wants to lend We want to make a scene with Hu Wanlin, and then move away from the one behind Hu Wanlin, to pave the way for his old man?" Li Dong finished himself did not believe that Niu Meng that reckless man would have such a mind. But he felt that Sun Tao said seems to be a bit reasonable, otherwise Niu Meng did not need to find their own trouble. The more he thought about it, the more Li Dong felt incredible. To really as Sun Tao said, that Niu Meng really should not be underestimated. Because if Wang Cheng hadn't followed Niu Mang before, he certainly wouldn't have recognized Wang Fei's people, and even if these people were caught smashing the store next time, he would have thought Hu Wanlin had done it. Once you know that Hu Wanlin did it, you have to flip with Hu Wanlin, whether for face or for profit. He and Hu Wanlin face, do not have to consider, Hu Wanlin absolutely can not fight Li Dong. Not to fight backstage, on the basis of strength, Li Dong clean up a Hu Wanlin absolutely no problem. But hit the outer room, Hu Wanlin behind the one who will not fight? If he doesn't, it's okay, if he does, ten ** will be prepared by Niu Mang's father to catch the handle. In the end, Niu Mang may really get what he wants, his old man caught the handle of others, so that Hu Wanlin behind the one who retired early is not impossible, before retiring and then recommend Niu Mang's father to take his place, and then move the relationship, it is possible that Niu Mang's father can really get into the regular.